In picture-perfect sunshine, the historic Warner Brothers lot was the setting for the launch of POWERMUD, the fifth and latest product launched by GLAMGLOW, the mud-based beauty brainchild of co-founders and husband-wife duo Glenn and Shannon Dellimore. In typical Hollywood fashion, POWERMUD was the subject of a two-minute mini-movie designed to promote the new sku, directed and produced by filmmaker Nima Javadi, and was arguably the highlight of the afternoon press champagne reception.

Technically, the WB lot is in Burbank, but wherever the ultra camera-ready Dellimores are, it’s Hollywood—or, as they like to call it, “Glam-Land.” In terms of brand identity, everything about GLAMGLOW goes joyously over-the-top. The mini-movie, described by Glenn Dellimore as “’The Matrix” meets “Bladerunner”, flashed with futuristic computer generatedeffects, and required a working crew of 40 film professionals and street-closures to film in downtown Los Angeles.

POWERMUD, which will sell for $69, is positioned as a “powerfully gentle mud-to-oil dual cleanse” treatment, intended to deep clean the skin weekly with ingredients including prickly pear, pine, frankincense and myrrh oils in combination with detoxing minerals and white and green clays. London-born Glenn stated that the GLAMGLOW line, which launched to retail 36 months ago, is now the number-one skincare seller in Sephora in both the U.S. and Canada, and is sold in 6,000 stores and 1,000 spas in 86 countries.

“Five years ago, we were squeezing product out of zip-lock bags into containers on our coffee-table!” Glenn crowed to the audience of reporters, which also included both founders’ mothers and other family members, (including the Dellimore’s 5-year-old daughter, London. According to Brady Heyborne, Vice President of Business Development, GLAMGLOW ended 2013 with retail sales at $106 million, primarily based on two of the current five SKUs. Brady projects to close 2014 at around $185 million in retail sales. Glenn stated that the brand plans to launch no more than two new products per year, with each new product to be offered at the $69 price point.

The brand launched with YOUTHMUD, a concoction originally whipped up by the Dellimores when celeb-pals, including Keanu Reeves, wished for a “10-minute facial in a jar” to tighten pores and prime skin for lights, camera, action. The Dellimores both kept A-list company through Glenn’s career in prestige spa management and Shannon’s position with a Hollywood-connected law firm. French Riviera sea-mud was the active ingredient, but entertainment biz pedigree supplied the overnight buzz. When a Neiman Marcus buyer received an unmarked “no-name” sample of the tingly product in a plain white jar, she tracked the Dellimores down and placed a life-changing order. Although the power-couple had created the initial blend for studio use, the genie was out of the bottle—or, rather, in the jar. YOUTHMUD was quickly followed by SUPERMUD, containing AHAs and BHAs for blemish-prone skin; BRIGHTMUD for under-eye circles and fine lines; and super-hydrating THIRSTYMUD. Each product package is uniquely shaped and brandished with the shameless greeting, “HELLO SEXY.” New POWERMUD is offered in a star-studded, parakeet-green triangular carton, which perhaps not coincidentally suggests the mysteriously glowing pyramid that beckons from a crisp U.S. dollar bill.