Gaming is life. Literally. According to the Wall Street Journal, “people are increasingly using gaming platforms to view virtual concerts, for messaging, gambling, dating and even virtual celebrations of weddings and birthdays.” The consumer gaming industry is estimated to reach a value of close to $200 billion by 2024.

During the pandemic, overall time spent gaming rose by 29%. And who is gaming and how they are gaming continues to evolve as the trend becomes more and more mainstream. Gaming may still carry a stigma that it’s for kids and men, but female gamers are on the rise – accounting for 41% of U.S. gamers in 2020. Plus, the average age of U.S. gamers is a bit older than you might think, at 33. This audience has shown they’re interested in setting themselves apart through in game cosmetics and merchandise – 80% of female gamers are more likely to make in-app purchases, and virtual items to personalize avatars made up 80% of the $120 Billion spent in 2019.

More and more brands are realizing the power of this growing audience of young women and tapping into it. The past few years have seen fashion and beauty brands, particularly in the luxury space, partnering with popular games to launch capsule collections, create exclusive merchandise, or promote product to a young audience of gamers. These collabs are opening consumers’ minds —and wallets —and lending relevancy and buzz to these brands in a whole new way.

We’re excited to talk about the modern gamer, women in gaming, and how we can explore the metaverse to meet our consumer, avatar to avatar.

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Nancy Berger
SVP/Group Publishing Director
The Youth and Wellness Group, Hearst
Dina Fierro
VP of Global Digital Strategy and Social Engagement
NARS Cosmetics
Max Luthy
Plink & Origami Air
Aida Moudachirou Rebois 2022 Headshot
Aïda Moudachirou Rebois
Senior VP & Global CMO
MAC Cosmetics
Trisha Williams
Founder & Product Director
Origami Air

Moderated By:

Andrea Nagel
Andrea Nagel
SVP News & Programming