CEW teamed up with teletracking expert Chelsie Hall to create the ultimate social media cheat sheet: CEW X ViralMoment, an exclusive monthly report for our members that highlights top social media trends of the month curated by Hall’s trend-forecasting company, ViralMoment. Hall’s agency uses cutting-edge AI technology to not only watch but truly understand the nuances of these white-hot short-form videos, unveiling the driving forces behind the beauty trends that are resonating most with consumers.

First up is the ‘Cherry Cola Lip’ trend, a 90’s throwback inspired by Bratz dolls that pairs deep brown lip liner with red lipstick. Scalp care is also trending, thanks to a shift towards chemical-free and natural products and the ongoing “skinification” of the hair care category. For those who prefer a more low-key look, the ‘Demi Makeup’ trend is experiencing a resurgence as MUAs are balancing and concealing with strategic color placement.

You can access the full report here.