Beauty searches are on the decline, showing that consumer sentiment has shifted and that the economy — and what lies ahead — is top of mind.

“During this time when news of an imminent recession is ever-present, monitoring shifts in consumer sentiment is critical,” said Yarden Horwitz, co-founder of Spate. “Although consumers showed strong interest in the overall beauty category earlier this year, confidence is beginning to diminish — with consumer interest falling below 2021 levels over the last two months. As we approach the holiday season, brands need to understand which areas are still of interest to consumers and double down on marketing for those product categories.”

Spate’s Monthly Tracker compares September 2022 against September 2021 to highlight new signals of change in consumer interest, to help brands to determine which product areas to focus on. Take a deep dive to uncover:

  • Micro shifts impacting hair, skin care, makeup, and fragrance
  • Trending product categories
  • Expert insights and recommendations to support brand marketing, social, and holiday initiatives

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