The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, ingredients, and consumer preferences shaping the market throughout the year. To succeed in this competitive and dynamic landscape, beauty executives need to be aware of what’s happened in the past 12 months, as well as the latest developments and opportunities that can help them grow their business into the future.

That’s why CEW, the leading membership organization for beauty professionals, has curated some of the industry’s top experts and analysts to share their insights from 2023 and predictions for 2024 at its annual virtual program 2024 State of the Industry: Global Trend Report. Here are some of program highlights that are not to be missed:

  • NielsenIQ’s Tara James Taylor will reveal how 2023 was another strong year for beauty, despite global inflation and economic challenges. Taylor will explain how beauty consumers are more passionate than ever and are exploring new categories and products that align with their values and needs. She will also look ahead to 2024 and identify the key consumer and retail trends that will be the most transformative, such as the convergence of beauty and wellness, the rise of celebrity beauty, the popularity of TikTok Shop, the state of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and the emergence of beauty dupes.
  • Mintel’s Sarah Jindal will explore the three big global beauty and personal care trends expected to shape the market in 2024. These are:
    • NeuroGlow, which focuses on the next chapter of wellness and how beauty products can enhance the mental and emotional well-being of consumers
    • Beaut-AI, which examines the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on personalized self-care and how beauty brands can leverage data and technology to create customized solutions
    • Sophisticated Simplicity, which reflects the paradigm shift that promotes product simplicity alongside increased sophistication, and how beauty brands can balance these two aspects to deliver optimal results.
  • CreatorIQ’s Conor Begley and Alex Rawitz will talk about how 2023’s top beauty brands stood out on social media and what made them attractive for acquisitions. The team will also share how these brands leveraged the power of influencers and creators to generate buzz, engagement, and loyalty among their target audiences. CreatorIQ will also use proprietary metrics, such as Earned Media Value, to show the data and social media sentiments that are driving the industry’s billion-dollar beauty deals. Additionally, they will reveal which brands are poised for a big 2024 and what they are doing differently to capture the attention of consumers and investors.
  • Iced Media’s Leslie Ann Hall will discuss what’s moving the needle on social media and how these trends can amplify strategy. Hall will showcase some of the industry’s best practices and examples of how beauty brands are using social media to connect with their customers, drive sales, and build their reputation. In addition, she will also explore the impact of AI, global trends, and commerce on social media, especially on TikTok Shop, and how it can help beauty brands reach new audiences and markets.
  • Circana’s Larissa Jensen will analyze 2023 numbers and share insights on the beauty industry’s biggest wins. In her presentation, Jensen will highlight the categories, segments, and products that performed well in 2023 and what factors contributed to their success. In a new segment, Jensen will talk about the evolution of China’s luxury beauty consumer and how beauty brands can tap into this lucrative and growing market.
  • Spate’s Yarden Horwitz and Google’s Sam Mintz will discuss the new rules of beauty based on online search behavior. The duo will review the latest trends in beauty aesthetics that will have an impact on the way brands develop and launch new — and market existing — products. And, they will cover topics such as skinimalism, hybrid makeup, hair wellness, and more.

Each presentation looks to provide beauty executives with valuable information and guidance as to how to navigate the ever-changing beauty industry and stay ahead of the curve. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best. You’ll also have the opportunity to enter questions into the chat which will be answered in real time. Register now and get ready to be inspired!

This event is made possible by the support of MANE, NielsenIQ, Mintel, CreatorIQ, Circana and MOSS.