Managing the manager can be a great way to stand apart from peers, commonly known as “managing up.” Industry experts Wayne Turk and Yael Zofi cite several ways to make your boss’s job easier while also proving your own net worth.

1. Enhance your own worth. Create a daily report on what’s been accomplished. This can help the boss clarify and communicate ideas, plans and needs, and it gives you the chance to communicate your own ideas as well.

2. Play into your boss’s specific needs. If you have a perfectionist boss who can’t tolerate any form of chaos and expects employees to be expert at their tasks, do plenty of background research, ask questions in advance of a work project, provide plenty of data to the boss and check in with progress reports along the way.

3. Recognize your boss’s weaknesses and compensate for them. The boss isn’t going to be good at everything. Figure out where the boss is weak and provide support in those areas. Intentionally do something to make life easier for your boss. This allows them to get back to doing what they do best and spotlights you for being a team player.