It’s been a dramatic morning for the beauty industry with the announcement that biotechnology and product manufacturing company Amyris is shutting down two of its brands: Costa Brazil, founded by former Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa, and Onda Beauty, co-founded by actor Naomi Watts. Additionally, beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill tells her followers she’s uncertain about the future of her own beauty label, while the Fearless Fund, the venture capital firm that invests in women of color and beauty brands like Bread Beauty and The Lip Bar, is the latest target of the conservative activist who led the successful campaign against affirmative action in college admissions. You can read these stories and more in the links below. 

Amyris to Shut Down Costa Brazil and Onda Beauty. While Amyris hasn’t confirmed the exact number, a person familiar with the matter told BoF that 36 employees across the shared services of Costa Brazil, Onda Beauty and Amyris in New York are set to be let go. (Business of Fashion) 

Austin Butler’s New Role is For YSL Beauty’s MYSLF Scent. The Elvis actor is the global ambassador for the brand’s new men’s scent, due out this month. (WWD) 

Jaclyn Cosmetics’ Future is Uncertain as Jaclyn Hill Closes Other Brands. In an 18-minute YouTube video, the beauty influencer announced she’s shuttering her apparel and accessories brands, while the future is uncertain for her beauty range, which she admitted she has done little to support since its less-than-successful launch in 2019. (Beauty Independent) 

Are Security Concerns Driving Cart Abandonment? It’s certainly not the only cause, but according to a new survey conducted by e-commerce fulfillment company Radial, 48% of cart abandonment could be tied to the security of the website being shopped on, while 45% was due to shoppers’ concerns about the use and security of their personal data. (RetailWire) 

A New Lawsuit Puts Fashion’s Corporate Diversity Efforts in the Crosshairs. Fearless Fund, an Atlanta-based venture capital firm that invests in women of color — including beauty brands like Bread Beauty, Brown Girl Jane and The Lip Bar — is being sued by The American Alliance for Equal Rights, the same conservative organization that was behind the lawsuit that resulted in the Supreme Court declaring affirmative action unconstitutional. The group claims the program violates the Civil Rights Act of 1866. (Business of Fashion) 

Oops! Someone at Vogue Is in Trouble. TikTokker Maya Basra was in for a surprise when instead of being taken to Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video, she was presented with a Google Doc detailing the revenue the publisher made from each video. (The Cut) 

FDA Update: Draft Guidance Document Issues on Cosmetic Facility Registration and Product Listing Submission. In accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Modernization of Cosmetic Regulations Act (MoCRA), the FDA’s draft guidance document outlines recommendations to establish a new electronic submission system, which would replace the Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP). (Cosmetic Design USA) 

Musk Said He’ll Pay Legal Costs for Employees “Treated Unfairly” Over Twitter. On Sunday, Musk tweeted that he would cover legal fees for people alleging they were mistreated by their employer for liking or posting something on his platform, adding there was no limit to the amount he would pay. (USA Today)