In the indie spotlight at CEW today, Lalais, the luxe skin care brand founded by Lita Cunningham, has landed at Bergdorf Goodman. A former beauty HR executive, Cunningham was inspired to create the collection of four, trouble-shooting products for problem skin as a result of her own, lifelong skin struggles. Formulated to suit all skin tones, Lalais dropped late last year and targets concerns such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, large pores, cystic acne, as well as conditions such as rosacea. Cunningham, whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, cross-checked all the ingredients with the About Herbs app developed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. “I didn’t want to use any ingredients that would overload the system,” she said of the range, which is entirely self-funded.

Setting out to support beauty and wellness brands with funding, as well as specialist business advice, new investment firm The Equity Studio has tapped Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to join its team. The company was founded by investor Anna Sweeting, who said “the landscape is changing so much, and entrepreneurs need capital, but they also need [advice] from people who are navigating the landscape in real time.”

In breaking news, The Estée Lauder Companies is making its U.S. Amazon Premium Beauty debut with Clinique. “We are thrilled to be strategically expanding our consumer reach in the US as a select few Estée Lauder Companies brands open dedicated storefronts in Amazon’s fast-growing Premium Beauty destination over the coming months, starting with Clinique today,” said Fabrizio Freda, president and CEO at The Estée Lauder Companies.

Elsewhere, Bobbi Brown is the latest beauty and fashion industry creative to launch a Substack newsletter. In her augural post yesterday, Brown said subscribers can expect makeup tutorials, how-to videos, interviews, and more. “My experiences as a makeup artist, entrepreneur, editor-in-chief, hotelier, author, mother, and wife lends itself to my new role on Substack, passing on the knowledge and insights I’ve gained over the years,” she wrote.

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Lalais Lands in Bergdorf Goodman. The luxe indie brand founded by Lita Cunningham was launched late last year. (CEW)

Clinique Arrives At Amazon Premium Beauty. The Estée Lauder Companies is making its debut at Amazon today, starting with Clinique. (FASHION UNITED)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Joins New Investment Firm. The Equity Studio specialises in beauty, wellness and lifestyle. (WWD)

Bobbi Brown Launches Newsletter. Brown made her debut on Substack yesterday, promising makeup tutorials, how-to videos and more. (SUBSTACK)

No Influencers Allowed. Sustainable hair care brand Dip hosted a 12-day trip to Morocco, inviting “mom and pop” store owners, with and no pressure to post on social media. (BEAUTY INDEPENDENT)

Sephora Exits Korean Market. Sephora Korea has announced that from May 6, it will “gradually wind down our presence across online platforms, mobile applications, and physical stores, ultimately withdrawing completely from the market.” (BEAUTY MATTER)