The biggest news of this morning, July 12, is Kim Kardashian being in talks with Coty to buy back the 20% stake of her beauty company SKKN BY KIM, which was acquired by the fragrance and cosmetics company in 2020. Following that, Glossy and Business of Fashion are reporting on booming men’s beauty. Finally, dermatologists have never been more in-demand thanks to social media and the rise in derm celebrity status, Beauty Independent explores what this means for the future of in-clinic aesthetics and at-home skincare. Read these stories, and more, in the links below.

Kim Kardashian in Talks to Buy Back Beauty Firm Stake From Coty. Kim Kardashian is reported to be in talks to buy back a minority stake in her beauty company SKKN BY KIM after Coty bought a 20% stake back in June 2020. (Business of Fashion) 

The Future Of Dermatology Is Intertwined With Beauty And Aesthetics. It’s no secret that dermatologists now have celebrity status in the beauty industry, with big figure partnerships and lucrative clinics, this is what the future holds for the fusion of dermatology and aesthetics. (Beauty Independent) 

Apostle Aims to Finally Make Men’s Makeup a Thing. Despite the industry being increasingly “genderless”, there’s one market that’s always struggled to take off: makeup marketed towards Western men. Apostle, launched just this week, aims to change that — starting with a line of tinted moisturizer. (Glossy) 

Why Men’s Skin Care Is Booming in China. Men’s skincare certainly isn’t struggling in China, Business of Fashion reports on how science-backed ingredients and high profile celebrity endorsements have been the secrets to success for this market. (Business of Fashion) 

Meta Plans Labels For State-Run Media Outlets And Offer Fact Checking On Threads. Meta has announced that new text-based platform Threads will soon introduce fact-checking and labels to identify state-run media outlets on the platform. (Forbes)