If you looked at today’s biggest beauty news stories 20, 15, or even 10 years ago, we bet you’d be thoroughly confused. Metaverse Beauty Week? A TikTok Shop update? AI-generated makeup tutorials? Scrolling through this morning’s headlines really hammers home the fact that the beauty-tech space is moving forward at lightning speed. One thing you would recognize? Lindsay Lohan, who is Allure’s latest cover star, and who used the opportunity to announce her pregnancy late last week. You can read her interview, as well as the rest of today’s news in the links below.

Charlotte Tilbury Combines AI and Artistry for New App Launch. Coinciding with its next bit product launch, Tilbury is launching its first mobile app, where users can find red carpet look breakdowns, shade matching and skin analysis tools, as well as makeup tutorials, some of which use an AR selfie tool to show correct product placement guides. (WWD)

How to Decode Gen-Z’s Evolving Relationship With Beauty. Born between 1996 and 2010, Gen-Z is deeply connected to beauty, and their outsized influence means beauty brands face a fast–changing challenge to adapt their businesses to remain attractive to this discerning but also surprisingly loyal consumer group. (Business of Fashion)

Why Metaverse Beauty Week Matters: The Strategic Approach Beyond the Gloss. Experiences are designed to entertain and educate, and will be gamified to provide rewards for completed tasks. And while most of the swag will only be usable in the metaverse, in some cases brands are incentivizing visitors with discounts on physical products. (Forbes)

TikTop Shop Is Testing Visual Search. Being tested in select markets outside the US, the app is testing a new tool in its Shop tab that allows users to take a photo and search visual inventory based on the image. (AdWeek)

Lindsay Lohan Is the Happiest She’s Ever Been. In addition to announcing her pregnancy, Lohan speaks to Allure contributing editor Brennan Kilbane about her current projects, from a top-secret new film to a new line of nursery products and baby clothes. (Allure)

How LGBTQIA+ Beauty Brand Founders are Feeling This Pride Month. Beauty Independent asked 16 LGBTQIA+ beauty brand founders the following questions: How are you feeling this Pride Month? And, how do you think the beauty industry should be showing up for members of the community? (Beauty Independent)