Claudia Lucas, most recently Director of Merchandising for QVC, is joining Manhattan-based Behrman Communications as Executive Vice President of Business Development. This new role will build on the PR firm’s offerings to clients, which will now include a range of in-house consultancy-type services.

“The plan is that with my background I will broaden the capabilities of Behrman, offering existing clients support if they choose, but more to the plan is bringing in new business with an array of services, including brand building, distribution strategy and product development sourcing to help build brands,” said Claudia.

Claudia’s successor is Ellen Lennon, Senior Buyer, Color Cosmetics.

Defined by a rich professional pedigree, Claudia, prior to QVC, oversaw beauty and accessories at Henri Bendel; pioneered Selfridges’ foray into building beauty as a destination; and learned the ropes of the industry in the travel retail sector.

Behrman Communications’ founder, Nancy Behrman, is looking forward to the new chapter for her agency.

“I’m thrilled that Claudia is joining the agency. This is what sets Behrman Communications apart from other agencies out there as we have always been ahead of the curve. This is the first time a PR agency will be able to offer everything under one roof,” she said.

The new role allows Claudia to utilize her broad range of retail skills.

“I’m excited about getting back into the entrepreneurial space. I think my background in department stores, specialty stores, travel retail and QVC will lend to this new endeavor,” said Claudia.

Claudia said she sees working alongside Nancy Behrman as a complimentary collaboration.

“She’s always been very proactive, putting her clients in front of me even though that’s not her remit. I’ve never had a PR agency do that. She’s always gone above and beyond,” said Claudia. 

Claudia begins her new role February 2.