Merit, the clean beauty brand launched by Who What Wear Founder and CEO Katherine Power, is expanding its footprint just one month after its direct-to-consumer debut. Beginning February 16, the brand’s full seven-piece assortment will be available at and will roll out to more than 500 Sephora stores across the U.S. and Canada on February 19. The brand will join the retailer’s Clean at Sephora lineup.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Merit exclusively at Sephora,” said Alison Hahn, SVP Merchandising, Makeup & Fragrance, Sephora. “Merit is a thoughtful brand that speaks to our client’s desire for ‘less is more’ essentials. We love the brand’s take on the ‘5-minute face.’ In today’s Zoom era as we continue to juggle responsibilities at work and at home, this streamlined approach to a fresh face helps clients feel empowered and confident, quickly.”

Developed to offer everyday essentials in the minimalist beauty space, Merit features a curated range of color cosmetics priced from $24-$30. On its launch day, the brand sold 3.5 products every minute, was tagged in 2,000 Instagram photos, and saw full routines purchased by consumers instead of the expected one to two products. To date, Merit has sold through its projected pre-launch plan, moving its year-long stock of product in less than three weeks. The launch at Sephora will give the brand the opportunity to access a new audience of consumers who turn to the retailer to discover new beauty offerings.

“Sephora is committed to offering thoughtful, intentional products to its customers and supporting emerging clean brands, making it an incredible partner for Merit,” said Katherine. “I’m looking forward to the growth of our partnership as Merit continues to develop new products, with a focus on streamlining customers’ beauty routines.”