When it comes to beauty, many things have changed, but some things—rightfully—have stayed the same. This month Dove celebrates the 60th anniversary of its iconic Dove Beauty Bar, which has provided the same beauty benefits to women for generations. To commemorate this milestone, the brand is kicking off a new campaign that celebrates women with the hashtag #RaisetheBeautyBar, and a video that features a retrospective of iconic beauty moments over the past 60 years. Additionally, this month Dove released a limited-edition bar with the word “care” engraved on it, retailing for $6.88 for a 6-bar pack while supplies last.

According to Kathy O’Brien, Vice President Skin & Marketing Services at Unilever, “[Our promotional efforts] look to inspire women to continue to #RaisetheBeautyBar for the next 60 years. We invite women to join us in redefining beauty further by sharing how they will #RaisetheBeautyBar on social media. Sharing how one will #RaisetheBeautyBar will be unique and personal for every woman. A #RaisetheBeautyBar pledge might mean embracing one’s curves, expressing a real beauty and body confidence around the girls in one’s life, or caring for oneself and others.”