Poshly.com has shared excerpts from its Q3 2014 Fragrance Report, which collected data from more than 11,000 beauty consumers about their fragrance preferences, shopping habits and more. Some insights from the report include:

• 80% of women wear fragrance at least once a week

• 25% of consumers own more than 5 bottles of fragrances

• 17% of consumers use all-natural perfumes

• 58% of women carry perfume in their bag

• 23% of consumers purchase fragrance products of the same scent to boost the fragrance

• Only 32% of beauty lovers switch between an eau de parfum and eau de toilette based on the season
• 68% of fragrance users will pick out a special scent for a special occasion
•15% of fragrance users buy if there’s a celebrity spokesperson

This month’s report also includes consumers’ Top 10 fragrance picks for men and women. Brands that made the cut include Chanel, Marc Jacobs, TOCCA and Issey Miyake. To download the report ($975) please click here. CEW members qualify for a 15% discount off the report using the code CEW2014.