Grande Cosmetics hosted its first live presentation on April 6, offering consumers access to its founder, the brand’s latest news and special offers exclusive to those who tuned in.

Founder Alicia Grande and Senior Manager of PR & Social Media Emily Bopp both appeared during the shoppable segment answering questions about the latest product, GrandePout Plumping Lip Mask, which debuted on the presentation.

“We’re all craving human connection, so what was great is that we were able to offer a way for our consumers to interact with the brand in a way that has never been done before, and ask questions in real time. We were able to offer special limited-time deals, host an interactive giveaway, and provide education about our brand and products,” said Alicia.

During the program, the brand sold through 75 percent of the product bundles they offered.

“It takes time to build education and awareness whenever a new channel is introduced, so we anticipate even better results as we continue to educate our consumers about these events, how to tune in, and how to take advantage of the limited-time offers,” added Alicia.

Livescale, a Shopify platform used for the event, offered the brand a seamless integration, a producer to address the event’s technical elements, and the brand creative control over the run of show, offers, and the ability to play brand videos during the segment. Livescale’s price point was also appealing for the brand’s foray into live shopping, Alicia said.

How is the transition from IRL to virtual launches?

“I’m used to launching at trade shows,” Alicia said, explaining that she used to do more than 40 a year pre-pandemic. For 2021, she tried some digital trade shows and found that they weren’t effective, so she’s not planning on going to any more for the year. “I don’t think it’s worth the spend,” she explained.

Livescale, on the other hand, was a great way for her to communicate in the current climate, she said.

“As a result of the pandemic, we jumped 10 years ahead into the digital hemisphere.”

Alicia reported that her team of 30-plus people work so efficiently from home using Microsoft Teams and other technological tools, she doesn’t foresee going back to the office more than a couple of days a week post-COVID.

She is looking forward to connecting with consumers live once again, however. She came up in the industry selling cosmetics at a flea market. “This dog and pony show is my natural thing,” Alicia said, who also has experience selling live on-air for HSN. “I love demo-ing and showing the before and afters, talking ingredients,” she noted.

The brand’s biggest takeaway is that it took time for viewers to filter into the event itself, so next time plans will include opening with casual conversation for the first few minutes to build viewership and engagement, then move on to the deals and unique educational elements, like video.

As for the GrandePOUT Plumping Lip Mask, it’s a two-in-one lip plumping and hydrating treatment. It aims to help to reduce lip lines and wrinkles and create the appearance of a plump pout. What differentiates the formula from others is that it can be used at any time during the day or night, as opposed to the scores of overnight lip masks on the market. It also works immediately and long term to plump lips. It contains Volulip, which plumps and soothes while enhancing collagen. GrandePOUT Plumping Lip Mask launched this month and sells for $22 at and Sephora.