In honor of World Art Day on April 15, IFF is hosting a number of talks between its perfumers and personalities from the worlds of art, food and culture.

Kicking off April 12 and running through April 16, 10 IFF perfumers will meet with 10 artists from a variety of backgrounds, with whom they’ve chosen to engage in a dialogue, to enrich their art, and inspire perfume lovers.

Two of the eight talks planned for next week will be in English, the others are in French. One of the English talks is being held Monday, April 12, beginning at 7 p.m. titled, The Sounds of Scents. The talk will feature Greg Mayo, a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, in conversation with Pascal Gaurin, VP and Senirr Perfumer at IFF, for whom music is a source of inspiration. The two will discuss creation, heritage and inspiration.

And, on April 15, a chat in English between contemporary artist Celine Barel and fine fragrance perfumer Sarah Meyohas will commence at 1 p.m.

For a schedule of events visit @artofperfumeryatiff.