Pacifica Beauty has expanded its product portfolio to include a line of ingestibles. The collection, exclusive to Target, features an assortment of four brightly-packaged powders that promises to do everything from improve sleep to help skin glow. Retailing for $15 each, the new launch represents a natural progression from the brand’s wellness-inspired offerings, which includes a range of crystal-infused beauty products and essential oil fragrance blends. With the new addition, Pacifica is hoping to be consumer’s go-to beauty brand by offering products that beautify both on the inside and out.

“We believe in situational skin care, and we are treating the supplements in the same way,” explained Brook Harvey Taylor, President & Founder, Pacifica Beauty. “Your skin changes based on stress or other factors and we offer solutions through our supplements that are designed for specific situations as well.”

The current lineup includes, Seek Balance, which features coconut, antioxidant-rich berries and plant-based probiotics designed for gut health; Glow Greens made with broccoli, spinach and kale, for a concentrated dose of supergreens; Slay All Day, featuring pineapple, ashwagangda, green tea and hyaluronic acid that aims to deliver energy and stress management; and, Wake Up Beautiful, a blend of reishi mushroom, lavender, l-theanine and melatonin developed to help the body relax.

Similar to Pacifica’s assortment of products which is comprised of skin care, body, cosmetics, sun care, hair and nail solutions, the powders are 100 percent vegan, cruelty free and priced for accessibility. The brand also carried over its strong stance on using high-quality, natural ingredients. Unique to the line, are matching plant-based aromatherapy roll-on oils meant to be paired with each ingestible. “Both complement one another and are designed to be used together. To me, this launch feels like I am returning to my roots in aromatherapy,” she said.

While in college, Brooke apprenticed with an aromatherapist/crystal healer, and used the knowledge gained from the experience to develop her own blends. With the encouragement of her husband and business partner, Billy Taylor, she launched Pacifica with seven perfumes and complementing candles focused on real, natural ingredients. That was 23 years ago. The brand has since evolved into a multi-million-dollar business with a full beauty collection and in 2016, it received a significant minority investment from equity fund Alliance Consumer Growth (ACG).

“The last five years have just been crazy double-digit growth for us,” Brooke said. “We decided that we wanted to bring on a partner, not just for help with the financial side of the business to support our growth, but also for leadership support. We worked Venette Ho at Financo in New York to help us sort through our options. She knows so much about the beauty industry and I learned a ton from her about what it means to take on an investor, and the value they can bring or not bring. She began a really small search, and we wound up meeting Julian Steinberg and Josh Goldin, partners in ACG. They’re a very different kind of investment group, and it was immediately clear that they were the partners we needed. They really understood the brand and our vision.”

In 2009, Pacifica entered Sephora, a partnership Brook says, prepared the brand for its future retailers. However, she noted, “Ulta and Target proved to be the ultimate partners based on their true understanding of our points of difference as well as the consumer.”

As Pacifica continues to grow, Brook plans to keep tapping into the brand’s core values, which includes compassion for people, animals and the planet, to drive product development and communications.

“We didn’t go into this brand thinking how we could blow it up and sell it,” she said. “My vision is that in 25 years, Pacifica is still serving our customers’ needs.”