Like hyaluronic acid, caffeine, argan oil, and most recently, charcoal, ingredients rich in beauty benefits are reaching viral status. In keeping with the “green is good” thinking, even components of products and nutritional items are now veering verdant. Chlorophyll, a natural pigment in plants, plays an important role in making plants green and healthy, but it also boasts vitamins and antioxidants, along with other therapeutic properties with a multitude of benefits. This makes it a highly attractive, yet seriously useful addition to products. Here, the beauty benefits of chlorophyll and some products that are featuring it prominently.

Verday Chlorophyll Water incorporates the ingredient chlorophyll into its flavored bottled waters, which are well designed and perfect for toting to spin class. With it’s noted hydration properties, the cleansing superfood aims to provide healthy skin, hair and nails. It also provides a yin to coffee’s yang: while coffee is acidic, chlorophyll is alkaline. And if you’ve been boozing it up, chlorophyll not only helps the liver by taking on some post-drinking toxin removal, it also nourishes with oxygen and magnesium.

Plant-based skin care brand, BioClarity, uses a proprietary patent-pending chlorophyll-derived ingredient called Floralux to target acne. Blended with salicylic acid and extracts of chamomile, oat, green tea and cucumber, BioClarity aims to address blemishes with less irritation and dryness. Drinking liquid chlorophyll or adding chlorophyll drops to water is also recommended by aestheticians as a clarifier for the skin.

Natural beauty brand Farmacy infuses chlorophyll into its Brightening Coconut Gel Mask, a popular sheet iteration. The brightening solution for dark spots and freckles is formulated with purple broccoli extract, along with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and antizymes, which signals skin to stop the production of inflammatory chemicals that lead to hyperpigmentation.

Studies show that the plant pigment can even heal wounds, so applied topically, it’ll reduce and prevent blemishes. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub incorporates the ingredient via chlorella growth factor, which gets its color from chlorophyll.

Derm brands are also in on the trend, including Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Purifying Mask, which incorporates blue green algae and watercress, both rich in chlorophyll. The mask is formulated to detoxify and purify the skin while minimizing pores’ appearance, thanks to on-contact release of chlorophyll via suspended beads within the mask.

Chlorophyll stimulates the immune system, detoxifies the blood and eliminating fungus and bad smells in the body.

BodyMint uses this to its benefit in supplements, which are an ingestible deodorant protection that targets underarm, perspiration, food and breath odors. As one ingests chlorophyll, they take on its vibrational energy, which helps to energize if you don’t get enough rest, as well.

Chlorophyll makes fewer hair-care cameos, but it’s present in L’ANZA Color Illuminator. This product aims to brighten and revive hair hues without applying new color and contains chlorophyll from green orchid, which protects hair color. The weightless formula is great for using between single-process or highlighting services.