CEW Beauty News has compiled a list of July’s hottest new launches. As summer gets into full swing, brands are focusing on cleansing, hydration, and bold, long-wearing color cosmetics.

Hello Products Natural Deodorants
Waitlist worthy: The oral care brand is entering a new personal care category with the launch of three new natural, gender-neutral deodorants, designed to provide 24-hour odor protection. The vegan, aluminum-free formulas are available in Fresh Citrus with Shea Butter, Fragrance Free with Shea Butter, and Charcoal.
Marketing plan:  “Our marketing efforts will support Hello branching into this exciting new category with engaging content and education around the amazing performance of our deodorant lineup, our incredible and effective ingredients, and the company’s continued commitment to sustainability,” said Craig Dubitsky, Founder of Hello Products and Chief Innovation Strategist at Colgate (the company was acquired in January 2020). “Our mission is to make things beautiful and better for everyone. Better to some might mean improved performance, better to others might mean vegan, beautiful might mean gorgeous design or thoughtful package design. One thing that is not open to interpretation is the notion of EVERYONE. We are inherently friendly towards all, regardless of their color, their country of origin, their religious or political beliefs, or who and how they love. When we say we are for the 100%, we mean we support and believe in EVERYONE. We are naturally friendly, yes, but we’re also wholly intolerant of intolerance and ignorance. As a company of caring people, we have both the ability and the responsibility to stand up for what we feel is right. And there’s nothing right about hate and injustice.”
Availability: July 1 at Ulta.com, Amazon, Hello-Products.com and Dollar General
Price: $6.99

Mischo Beauty
Waitlist worthy:  Founded by Kitiya King, a licensed beauty professional with a chemistry degree, Mischo Beauty is launching three new nail polish shades: XO: Sun-sweet kisses (toasted peach), Babylove (soft blush), and Love On Top (fuschia). The polishes are designed to be 10-free, chip-resistant, fast-drying, vegan and cruelty-free. In addition to expanding the collection of products in the nail category, Mischo Beauty is currently working to release new products in the color cosmetics category, set to debut in 2021.
Marketing plan: Marketing plans include email marketing, social media campaigns (FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) as well as influencer giveaways and paid ads. Given the current beauty climate as it relates to Black-owned, female-founded brands, Kitiya is focusing her efforts on supporting the “Pull Up or Shut Up” and “15 Percent Pledge” initiatives. She has also signed up to support “Consider Something Better”, launched by Lauren Napier and Whitney Brown, which calls on corporations to fund businesses owned by Black women.  “Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America, yet still are the least funded.  According to Forbes, businesses with CEOs who are women of color get less than 1 percent of venture capitalist funding each year,” she noted.
Availability:  July 1 on MischoBeauty.com and Macys.com
Price: $20 color, $23 Nail Elixir Cuticle Oil

Perricone MD Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy
Waitlist worthy:  The collection includes a cleanser containing  cannabis sativa seed oil and glycerin to soften skin texture; a rebalancing elixir formulated with lemon myrtle leaf extract to aid in inflammation reduction and a mushroom complex to improve skin’s immunity; a moisturizer with buriti oil designed to restore skin’s elasticity and collagen; and an eye cream featuring argan oil and squalane to moisturize.
Marketing plan: “We will be promoting the launch of the Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Collection through organic and paid digital marketing efforts. The latter including display and native advertising with a focus on new customer acquisition. The launch will also be supported through email and on-site promotions. We have also created a dedicated microsite featuring the new Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy collection for purchase, in addition to educational content surrounding CBD and a three-part blog series dedicated to the sciences behind the product line.” said Perricone MD’s Chief Marketing Officer, Robert Koerner. He also adds, “To create buzz for the launch, we will be seeding product to a mix of key influencers and editors, as well as activating a ratings and reviews program across the new microsite, sootheskin.perriconemd.com and Ulta.com.” A new trial and travel gift set will also be added to the franchise – the Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Calming & Soothing CBD Collection for $69 ($108 value). The assortment includes the Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy: Gentle Cleanser (2 oz), Nourishing & Calming Moisturizer (2 oz) and Soothing & Hydrating Eye Cream (0.17 oz). The brand is also doing a sampling program that will offer the Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Soothing & Hydrating Eye Cream as a deluxe sample (0.25 oz) through multiple retail accounts and direct to consumer channels.
Availability: July 10 at PerriconeMD.com, Ulta Beauty, Ulta.com, Dillards.com, Macy’s, Macys.com, EC Scott and ECScottgroup.com.
Price: $35-$100

Anokha blue clay clarifying masque
Waitlist worthy: Founded by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nina Naidu, the face mask is formulated with Cambrian blue clay harvested in Leningrad, Russia. The absorbent clay works alongside kaolinite with the goal of purifying the skin, reducing pore size and promoting skin regeneration. The masque, like all other Anokha products is 100 percent natural, vegan and completely traceable, and is also waterless to ensure that zero synthetic preservatives were used in its making.
Marketing plan: “For marketing, we are stressing the remarkable qualities of this clay, as well as how challenging it is to source from the salt lakes in Siberia,” said Dr. Nina. “As a result, we’re launching with only 200 units and likely will not have it available again until 2021. To spread the word, we’re working with nano- and micro-influencers, running a competition on Gleam.io which began June 29, and building our email list for multiple announcements to sign up for a spot on the waiting list,” said “In terms of special considerations for the social climate, we are speaking out a bit more about what we’ve been doing consistently since our inception in 2008, in terms of the diversity of our team, the notable women we choose to highlight every two weeks on our social media feeds, and our charitable contributions from each sale to Doctors Without Borders.”
Availability: July 1 on anokhaskincare.com
Price: $65

Laura Geller Mighty Pen Liquid Liner; Make it a Double Dual Ended Cream Eye Shadow and Powder;  Fine Shine Lipstick
Waitlist worthy: Laura Geller’s new Mighty Pen Liquid Liner is designed to be smudge-proof, water-resistant formula and offers precise, easy application without dragging. Make it a Double Dual Ended Cream Eye Shadow and Powder features a pigmented powder on one end and creme color on the other and is available in three shades: Champagne, Cognac and Absinthe. Fine Shine Lipstick is a hybrid lipstick- meets-lip gloss formula featuring nutrient-rich ingredients, including plant-derived squalene, shea butter, argan oil and vitamin E. It’s available in three colors: On the Town (pink), On the Go (nude), On the Run (peach).
Marketing plan: “We are fortunate to have been a QVC partner for the past 23 years, this allows us to have a more personal connection to our consumer. We’re in their homes, they know about the Laura Geller brand, and there is an unbreakable bond and loyalty between the brand and our consumers,” said Laura Geller, Founder. “We have spent this time strategizing new ways to personalize our online shopping experience. That includes focusing on and fast-tracking multiple initiatives, including: a full website redesign that will make finding your shade easier and more fool-proof, the ability to search and learn about new products more seamless, and an enhanced overall shopping experience that emotionally embraces the customer. In regards to product development, we’ve added a hand sanitizing wipe to the line, and a matte transfer-proof lip product that won’t get on your mask along with the development of future launches that have our customer’s new needs foremost in mind.”
Availability & Price: Make it a Double Dual Ended Cream Eye Shadow and Powder, $22 on QVC.com and LauraGeller.om; Mighty Pen Liquid Liner, $32 on QVC.com and LauraGeller.com; Fine Shine Lipstick, $18 on LauraGeller.com

Decorté Comfort Day Mist Set & Protect
Waitlist worthy: The makeup setting spray is designed to address womens’ key “pain points” with setting sprays and mists, such as big water droplets, portability and long-lasting makeup protection. The formula was designed with skin care benefits, such as pollution protection, and features native Asian botanicals such as rosemary leaf extract and scutellaria baicalnesis root for moisturizing, as well as common mallow for brightening. “We feel that the consumer will respond very well as it addresses three key needs we see in the space,” said Sharon del Valle, GM, KOSÉ America. “One is the multi-tasking trend.  In this case, Comfort Day Mist is not only a long-lasting makeup setting spray but also a skincare product with amazing hydration and brightening benefits. Another is the need to feel uplifted. We have been living through such challenging times and we are all looking for an emotional lift, even if it is for a moment. The green floral aroma with citrus top notes instantly refreshes and soothes the skin as well as calms the soul. Finally, and at a much deeper level, consumers are gravitating towards brands they can trust, like Decorté, brands that deliver reliable, quality, efficacious products.”
Marketing plan: The marketing plan will be focused on digital and include advertising, search, influencer marketing, engaging video content with celebrity makeup artists and influencers, Email/MMS/Text, as well as celebrity makeup artist outreach. The product will also be incorporated into Decorté’s Summer Campaign, “The Beauty of a Japanese Garden,” as water is an important element and hydration is a focus for the brand this summer. “A Japanese garden is purposeful in that it is an expression of natural beauty, serenity and tranquility. It represents life-giving force and feeds the soul which is what we all need right now. Japanese products have always been known for their efficacy yet gentleness and incredible textures and Comfort Day Mist speaks to all those qualities. One of the key elements of J-Beauty and core to Decorté is that hydration is the key to beautiful skin,” said Sharon.
Availability: July 1 on decortecosmetics.com
Price: $28.00

LEEF Organics Cactus and Agave Nooks and Crannies CBD Soap
Waitlist worthy: The new soap will be the first product to drop from the brand’s new Desert Collection. Housed in plantable packaging the soap is designed to rebalance, hydrate and soothe skin while calming irritations. Profile notes include agave and aloe, chrysanthemum, green floral, green leaves and patchouli.
Marketing plan: “Health and wellness have taken on new meanings in our lives and we’re committed to continue to do things differently. Our motto is: clean, community, committed. We haven’t swayed from our original ethos but have grown closer to our communities through these trying times. For our customers, LEEF launched AT-Home Wellness, a series of content in collaboration with our amazing partners to provide an enriched ‘stay at home’ experience. For our brand partners, LEEF launched the LEEF ACADEMY, a learning management platform designed to educate and certify expertise through a series of videos and quizzes in our core categories of focus. For our communities, LEEF stands strong for equality and will continue to donate time and resources to the fight.”
Availability: July 1 on leeforganics.com
Price: $22

Kopari Hydrating Bodywash
Waitlist worthyAt Kopari, benefit-driven body products have always been at our core and in addition to other clean ingredients, our new body wash contains coconut water, sea kelp, and aloe vera. This is the perfect first step in our three-step body routine (cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate) and, like all of our products, it smells like paradise,” said Gigi Goldman, Co-founder, Kopari.
Marketing plan: The brand will focus on its ambassador and influencer community to spread awareness and knowledge about the new product.
Availability: July 7 at KopariBeauty.com and Ulta.com 
Price: $18

Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater + Tremella Creamy Jelly Cleanser
Waitlist worthy: Using research data as well as customer feedback, the brand created the cleanser to effectively remove makeup without stripping skin of moisture. Formulated with Tremella Mushroom, this humectant holds 5x its weight in water and is clinically proven to work more effectively than hyaluronic acid, to plump skin. This cleanser also contains a base of hydrating rosewater and coconut water, gentle plant-based surfactacts, nourishing squalane and white tea.
Marketing plan:  On the digital front, Herbivore is running its biggest social and influencer-led campaign ever. The brand’s main asset is Instagram, which will be used to kick off all messaging. Herbivore is also tapping into influencers, paid social, paid search, email, deluxe sampling and more for a 360 digital marketing campaign.
Availability:  Available on herbivorebotanicals.com, sephora.com, credobeauty.com on July 14th. Available at Sephora B&M on July 31st.
Price: $24

Dominique Cosmetics Ultra Hydrating Fine Mist
Waitlist worthy: A lightweight mist designed to be used before makeup as a setting spray or whenever skin needs to be refreshed. The green tea and cucumber aroma is meant to be calming, and the formula includes an infusion of willow bark which aims to calm skin, and saliporine-8, an extract of the salicornia plant designed to rehydrate and boost moisture levels by 6,000 percent.
Marketing plan: “The launch was initially slated for mid-June, but we really wanted to stand behind our values and be respectful of the Black Lives Matter movement, Juneteenth and all of the unrest happening in the world. Later in the month, we hosted intimate Zoom desksides for media with myself and my good friend and fellow beauty creator, Jade Chapman (@jadeywadey180) who I collaborated with. We also changed our influencer strategy for this launch to be more personalized with curated, socially distant deliveries to each person,” said brand founder Christen Dominique.
Availability: July 3 at Sephora.com
Price: $32

Lawless Make Me Blush Velvet Blushes and Make Me Blush Brush
Waitlist worthy: Make Me Blush Velvet Blush includes seven blush shades in a talc-free, soft pressed powder formula that is designed to seamlessly blend into the skin and impart a healthy, natural flush. “With all the news going about major brands removing talc from their products for health reasons, our blush is talc-free from the start which allows consumers to try a new blush rather than waiting for other brands to create new formulas,” said Rachel Shelowitz, President, Lawless Beauty. The formula contains nourishing shea butter, almond oil and squalene with the goal of providing a fresh, hydrated finish to the skin.  In addition to being talc-free, these blushes are also silicone, paraben-free and vegan. Along with the blushes, Lawless Beauty has launched its first tool, the Make Me Blush Brush, a classically shaped, tapered blush brush featuring a soft, rounded head designed to perfectly deposit color onto the apples of the cheeks. This synthetic brush features cruelty-free, vegan friendly fibers that have been engineered to deliver the same finish and precision as a natural hairbrush, the fibers are texturized to allow for better product pick up and deposit onto the cheeks, and the wood handle and packaging are made using environmentally-conscious FSC certified wood and paper.
Marketing plan: “This was a consumer driven launch and we created our marketing plan to ensure that out consumers were given the opportunity to try the products before launch. We pre-seeded to 250 consumers through Octoly, getting the products into consumer hands prior to launch. We find it essential to get pre-launch feedback and incorporate consumers feedback into our product copy. Additionally, we sent PR packages to over 100 influencers and editors prior to launch to get feedback and create a great buzz around launch,” said Rachel. The Make Me Blush Velvet Blushes is also a founder driven launch, which the brand’s founder Annie Lawless created because she couldn’t find a clean alternative with the color pay-off. She created a lot of our content on social media followed by blog posts to further engage consumers and share brand news and give personal thoughts and techniques for all of our products.
Availability: June 30 at Sephora.com and LawlessBeauty.com
Price: $29