The only monthly service that caters to the demand of nail art via home delivery, Nail Art Society looks to not only meet the needs of nail divas, but also turn a profit for the companies that participate in the site.

Founded by Los Angeles-based Tia Valenciano, Tia was on a mission to launch her own site after she saw some flaws in a previous beauty sampling site she helped develop. At her former gig, which she wouldn’t name, Tia said, “I saw my brands weren’t getting great ROI on the samples. Unless you’re doing it in large quantities you won’t see it. Samples cost money and companies have to manufacture them to participate in a sample club. The site also didn’t offer a range of beauty items. I feel unless you build a really good algorithm it’s hard to know what women will want.”

A long-time fan of Japanese nail art, Tia watched the growth in the nail and nail art sector and the excitement it caused with consumers.

“The category creates a lot more engagement with one nail polish with endless end-results than most any other beauty category. So I started to develop a sample site around nail, and then around nail art.”

Strong relationships with celebrity manicurists (Beth Fricke, OPI’s spokesperson, for one) help Tia decide what to offer on her site. She also partnered with leading Japanese nail art manufacturer ES Nail, which is a leader in creating the trends.

“[Japan] is where nail art originated. The ES Nail artists go through training in Japan to learn all the nail technology. We curate what’s trending with the different looks. Appliques, 3D charms are big now.”

Nail Art Society started beta testing in November and celebrated a soft launch in January.

Operating as a “sub club” (subscription for services with a recurring charge for membership) Nail Art Society’s monthly cost is $20, or $59 for a quarterly membership or $220 for annual membership, which yields 12 kits. Kits are shipped out on the 10th of each month. In general, each kit includes four to six products, including a polish, accessories (such as Swarovski crystals, feathers, striping tape, 3D charms, caviar beads) nail care as well as professional tools, to help get the look.

Participating nail brands include Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen, Revlon Nail Art Expression, Layla, La Couleur Couture and LVX, which created a special polish for the site.

To help consumers navigate their offerings, Tia uses their website educate customers on different brands, from 3-free to 5-free to 7-free formulas, and also water-based and vegan polishes.

“For many people, nail polish is not just nail polish,” Tia said.

Marketing to new subscribers happens mainly through search engine optimization [SEO], banner ads, pay per click ads and email campaigns. Social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube posts encourage members to share designs so others can see what they’ve created.

“Because of the variables of looks that can be created with the Nail Art Society kits, this leads to the creation of original content of nail art pictures with product placement of the sponsored brands each month,” Tia said.

Currently, Nail Art Societyhas  2,100 subscribers and is independently financed. Tia said she is “looking for long term investors for an expanding privately-owned company which would enable it to grow” in the next quarter.

“At this point we have our strategy down. I’ve developed and launched another sub club, so it’s second nature to me. A partner would be more on the financial side.”

To encourage trial, Nail Art Society has created an exclusive coupon code for the first 500 CEW readers that sign up and become a member. Enter the code “cewbeautyinsider” during the “join” process for a 50% off savings. The discount will be locked in for the lifetime of membership. To join, visit