YouTube inspires people to learn how to do their makeup. For Brandie LaBomme, countless hours of eyeballing tutorials went a step further: it sparked her to create her own line.

“I bought all the products and different brands and learned what I liked and things I thought I could improve upon. I love how makeup can make someone feel good about themselves,” says Brandie, who experimented with beauty to make herself feel better while pregnant with her first child.

“The thought of creating a brand had been on my mind for more than six years,” says Brandie, who soft-launched her LaBomme Beauty at Cosmoprof North America [CPNA] last year.

Her goal was to do something different and bold to reflect her brand’s tagline, “We Are a Beauty Brand Whatever the F%#k That Means.”

Brandie’s fresh approach caught the attention of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie while at CPNA; Urban Outfitters launched the brand online earlier this year and Anthropologie just added the range to its website in June.

“When we talked about where we thought our products would launch, we pictured Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie because they match our vibe,” she says. LaBomme Beauty is also sold on the brand’s website.

It took a lot of visits to suppliers for Brandie to match her formula and packaging vision with what was on offer. She didn’t want typical off-the-shelf components, knowing as a small brand she needed to stand out.

“The beauty industry is saturated. There are a lot of the same products. At LaBomme Beauty, we want to not only offer really good formulas, but we want to have a product-solving aspect with the components we offer. That’s been my goal all along,” says Brandie, a busy mom of three (all girls ages eight, six, and two) who appreciates the importance of ease of use.

She also felt makeup was becoming too associated with celebrities. “I was in love with the magic of makeup but was left disillusioned by the market saturation of lazy executions of ideas and half-baked products with famous faces slapped on for clout,” she says.

The result is a highly pigmented product line with unique packages and vegan, clean formulas at accessible prices ranging from $20 to $32. A prime example, and her current bestseller, is Angle Baby, an eyeliner that features what she says is the first 360-degree applicator that makes it easy to apply liner, especially for people like her with long lashes or extensions.

Angle Baby eyeliner featuring the first 360-degree applicator
Angle Baby eyeliner, featuring the first 360-degree applicator.

The applicator can also benefit the 13% of the U. population that Coresight Research reports have some form of disability.

“A perfect line can be achieved without having to hold the pencil at an uncomfortable angle,” says Brandie.

Another package innovation is her loose powder highlighter called La Bomb. It features a resealable component so users can tap out the amount of powder they desire while being able to return unused powder back into the chamber to reduce waste and keep the product fresh.

She’s broadened her lineup to include a liquid highlighter, called Flare, and a liquid lipstick named Madame Matte. She’s especially proud of the formula for Madame Matte because it’s a liquid lip that doesn’t leave lips dry. Great care was devoted to ensuring shades could accommodate most skin tones, she adds.

Though she is seeking additional distribution, as a self-funded brand Brandie wants to stay focused to make sure she can support future growth. “We want to take our time and grow,” she says, adding that major specialty retailers are on her radar. In the meantime, she continues to grow her fanbase by trying to bring something different to the beauty industry.