MAC was a winner across almost all social media platforms for the month of November, while prestige cosmetics far and away showed how its influence in creating engaging content is helping it win over mass in the digital realm. Taking into account views on blog posts and YouTube videos; tweets; and likes, comments and shares on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, here’s who ranked with the leading earned media value [EMV] in Tribe Dynamics’ Top 10 prestige cosmetics brands for November:

1. MAC $18,816,002.90 EMV

2. NARS $11,293,157.05 EMV
3. NYX $8,903,939.75 EMV
4. TOO FACED $7,893,144.85 EMV
5. MAYBELLINE $7,124,880.15 EMV

6. TARTE $6,841,813.50 EMV
7. URBAN DECAY $6,119,114.65 EMV

8. BOBBI BROWN $5,918,161.75 EMV
9. LORÉAL $5,324,401.25 EMV
10. MAKE UP FOR EVER $4,178,104.85 EMV

Tribe reported that November resulted in the most significant gap in perfor­mance to-date between mass-market brands and prestige cosmetic brands. Together, the seven prestige brands with­in Tribe’s Top 10, garnered over $61 million in EMV, approximately a $6 million improvement over October. By contrast, mass brands, NYX Cosmetics, Maybelline, and L’Oréal to­gether rounded off the month at $21 million EMV, about $2.6 million less than the prior month.

November’s performance brought to focus the progres­sive rise of prestige brands alongside the stagnation or decline of some of the industry’s most recognized names in the mass-market sector. For the month overall, prestige brands outperformed mass at a 186% margin, topping Oc­tober’s variance of 129%. Many of the topics and themes Tribe has identified as responsible for this trend over the past six months or so have come to fruition, including the innovation prestige has made through their commitment with digital and creating compelling brand stories that engage consum­ers.

For November, MAC led across all channels with the exception of Pinterest, where Urban Decay outperformed the brand by $6,500.

Perhaps the most interesting takeaway during the month was the surprising jump in the collective perfor­mance for the Top 10 on Instagram. Compared to Oc­tober’s $19,321,745 EMV for Instagram, November’s brands generated $38,017,650 EMV on the channel, an approximate 97% increase in performance. More­over, four brands broke $5 million for the channel alone, an impressive accomplishment considering that Cov­erGirl produced $1,987,059.55 for the month over­all. It seems to be the case that a larger number of top brands have recognized the effectiveness of In­stagram when it comes to communicating a unique brand personality and story. Influencers and consum­ers alike have taken this more relatable, meaningful content and responded with greater earned media creation.

Tarte joined MAC, NYX and NARS at the top in over­all performance on Instagram, helping to explain its sudden appearance in Tribe’s Top 10. The brand was a favorite amongst beauty and cosmetic influencers, whose posts mentioning @TarteCosmetics received as many as 16,000 likes. This specific post showed step by step how to use Tarte’s Brown SmoulderEyes Pencil and Lights Camera Action Mascara to cre­ate a dramatic look. A majority of the most valuable content was in fact published by the same handful of influencers, referencing the brand and its products frequently over the month. Three of Tarte’s most active influencers for the month engaged 1,538K beauty consumers with the brand’s name alongside attractive pictures of desirable makeup looks.

To access Tribe Dynamics full report, which includes the Top 10 brands on various social media platforms, please click here.