As we head into winter, vitamin C remains a must-have skin care ingredient; also, limited-edition sets are emerging just in time for holiday.

Bynacht Limited Edition Peterchens Mondfahrt Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum
Waitlist worthy: This limited edition of the brand’s iconic serum is designed to boost radiance and offer a youthful complexion using a combination of Persian silk tree extract, an anti-wrinkle hexapeptide 8-complex, and selective botanical extracts such as West Indian sandalwood. The bottle has been updated to feature an enchanting design resembling a starry night sky. Key visuals on the packaging are inspired by Little Peter’s Journey to the Moon, a German fairytale about the power of dreams and the importance of believing in one’s strength.
Marketing plan: “We took one of our best-selling hero products and created a special edition for the holidays that links to a nonprofit for children,” said Jessica Hoyer, Founder. “A portion of proceeds will be donated to Pajama Program, which promotes and supports comforting bedtime routines and healthy sleep for children in need to help them thrive. The Pajama Program not only provides fresh pajamas, but also inspiring storybooks and volunteer readers who give the children a feeling of security and to make them forget the worries of the day. “We intend to highlight our partnership with Pajama Program and the importance of a goodnight’s sleep through our marketing efforts which includes leveraging social media, PR, influencer and email marketing. Our retailers will also support the serum through their own efforts including GWP offerings, social media advertising and email marketing campaigns. Those who purchase the serum at Shen Beauty or on will receive a complimentary Shen Sculpt and Lift Facial Tool. Additionally, we’re expecting that loyal fans of Bynacht’s Iconic Reborn Radiant Serum, which has sold out several times, will be excited by the ‘Peterchens Mondfahrt’ special holiday edition.”
Availability: November 3 at Shen Beauty and
Price: $215

Snow Fox Skincare Ultra Soft Coconut Eco Blender
Waitlist worthy: This makeup sponge is made from 50 percent upcycled coconut husk and is free from artificial dyes and perfumes. The coconut husk fibers, known as coir, are said to have strong water retention properties, which the brand said allows for easy blending when the sponge is dampened. The product is naturally degradable and packaged in 100 percent biodegradable plastic.
Marketing plan: “We will be launching this digitally and in stores in Asia, partnering up with beauty influencers, make-up artists and industry experts to showcase our blender’s performance to prove that eco-friendly, upcycled plant products can offer amazing results in a consumer conscious way,” said  Phoebe Song, the brand’s Founder. “Created as an alternative to cheap, mass manufactured plastic sponges, we will also be blogging and educating our clients on how and why going green helps.”
Availability: November 2
Price: $14

Mutha No. 1 Face Serum and Up All Night Eye Cream
Waitlist worthy: “We worked with our own chemist to develop extremely efficacious formulas using high quality bio-fermented ingredients, which are more readily recognized and received by the skin for enhanced results,” said Hope Smith, Founder & CEO. The Serum features tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, a stabilized form of vitamin C that is designed to deliver into skin cells 50 times more effectively than other forms of vitamin C, while Japanese tsubaki aims to help stimulate collagen production. The Eye Cream features pearl powder and coffee extract meant to provide an instant brightening effect, and adaoptogenic herbs including red seaweed, holy basil, centella asiatica, and licorice root aim to protect against free radical damage.
Marketing plan: “We plan to highlight our exclusive new Muthaload core technology, which is featured in both the No. 1 Serum and Up All Night Eye Cream,” said Hope. “We want to educate our customers on the benefits of bio-fermented skincare and have developed supporting social and video assets to highlight education and benefits. We will also send a mailer with both products to VIP fans of that have supported us from the beginning. We’re excited to share these new innovations with them. Additionally, as with all Mutha products, 5 percent of sales from our website will be donated to International Medical Corps. The donation educates nurses and midwives in places where maternal mortality rates during childbirth are the highest.”
Availability: November 11 at
Price: Serum ($140), Eye Cream ($90)

Curls Hardest Working Collection
Waitlist worthy: The Hardest Working Collection by beau-ti-ceu-ti-cals, a  new brand under the Curls umbrella, features a range of targeted multi-purpose products designed for the skin, scalp and hair. The products are formulated with luxury-skincare-grade ingredients that aim to nourish, beautify and protect the skin, scalp and hair with free-radical fighting antioxidants and moisture-boosting, skin-plumping collagen.
Marketing plan: “To support the launch of the Hardest Working Collection, we have partnered with our Curls ambassadors all over the nation to engage and educate the beauty aficionados of the world,” said Mahisha Dellinger, Founder and CEO of Curls Beauty Brands.  “We are partnering with Hulu to launch ads along with a strategic digital campaign, targeted giveaways and virtual events.”
Availability: November 5 on
Price: $18-$55

The House of Creed Aventus 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 3.4 oz, 100ml
Waitlist worthy: To celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the brand’s most successful fragrance, Aventus, The House of Creed has introduced a limited-edition anniversary design featuring a matte black bottle with silver accents. This limited-edition bottle was developed to be an ideal holiday gift for the Aventus man, or for those wanting to acquire collectibles from The House of Creed.
Marketing plan: “We launched this collector’s edition at our boutiques and .com last month with a virtual speakeasy event for customers which sold out in less than 24 hours. The fragrance is launching this month at key retail partners,” said Emmanuel Saujet, CEO of International Cosmetics & Perfumes, North America (distributor of record for The House of Creed).
Availability: November 1 at Creed’s four U.S. boutiques;; and retail partners including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom
Price: $435

U Beauty x Artis Limited Edition Set
Waitlist worthy: For Holiday 2020, U Beauty is releasing a limited-edition gift set in collaboration with Artis. The brands’ joint offering will pair U Beauty’s recently launched The Super Smart Hydrator, which features five unique types of hyaluronic acid, with Artis’ Palm Brush Mini.
Marketing plan: “Our exclusive holiday collaboration with Artis is really intended to be a gift to loyal U Beauty fans. Accordingly, we’re more focused on email and brand-owned social channels than press or paid media,” said Tina Craig, Founder. “We’re incredibly selective about who we partner with, and this effort with Artis is rooted in the brands’ mutual philosophy that beauty routines should be highly intentional and minimally wasteful. It’s important to us that customers who share this perspective get priority access to the set.
Availability: November 1 at
Price: $168

Hush Hush ShieldUp
Waitlist worthy:  ShieldUp is designed to be an immunity boosting, environmental protection supplement. The capsules feature a blend of 15 clean, clinical, plant-based  ingredients, as well as adaptogens, such as rhodiola rosea root that aims to reduce stress; organic antioxidants, like turmeric, ginger and chlorella that are designed to protect the body against pollution and environmental stressors; and organic matcha leaf and maca root, which aim to boost energy levels. Finally, there’s also tried-and-true vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, and Korean red ginseng to provide immune support.
Marketing plan: “Our focus has always been, and continues to be, education. Our marketing team works tirelessly to constantly create transparent content that has a scientific spin to it, while still focusing on the efficacy of our clean, clinical ingredients. We will be rolling out regular content on our blog and using our strategic partnerships to cross-promote this content,” said Janna Ronert, Founder. “Through a hand-selected, vetted list of influencers with a proven track record of performing for us, we are seeding products. User generated content does well for us, so we will continue that. Also, we have created alliances with some of the biggest beauty experts and will continue that marketing tactic to grow brand awareness and validation. The idea of using supplements in tandem with topical products to treat external skin issues is new and different, so we are implementing plenty of virtual education via social media. We also have big plans for something really fun—keeping it hush-hush—that has a heavy focus on clean beauty ingredients.”
Availability: November 16 and
Price: $40

Lively All. You. Collection
Waitlist worthy: Buzzy lingerie brand, Lively, has entered into the beauty category with three self-care skin products piggybacking off of the theme of the brand’s podcast, “No Makeup Needed.” The Rest Replenish Sleep Mask is designed to soothe skin overnight using a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. The Refresh Repeat Face Mist aims to helps soothe and restore skin with pink rose oil and grapefruit seed extract. And, the Restore Renew Lip Balm features vitamin E with the goal of smoothing wrinkles, reducing chapping and redness, and promoting skin repair.
Marketing plan: “In true Lively tradition, we worked with our community to create a video campaign for All You Lively that provides a platform for them to share and celebrate their human uniqueness. The video will be shared on social platforms and other marketing channels,” said Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder and CEO. “We are building momentum and excitement with our community by teasing the launch via email and social, and also launching just in time for the holidays to provide our crew with very giftable sets.”
Availability: October 29 at
Price: Sleep Mask ($22), Face Mist ($16) and Lip Balm ($15)

Waitlist worthy: Founded by Dr. Conny Wittke, former 10-year CEO of Tweezerman, and Gurval Naer, this new hair care brand is on a zero-plastic-waste mission with the launch of eight gender-neutral bars featuring plant-based, vegan ingredients.
Marketing plan: “Our marketing plan is focused around bringing together a strong community of people who are demanding the best of their beauty products while also caring about the environment,” said Dr. Conny. “As the form factor of our products is innovative and different, we will also focus on education, sampling, PR and social influencers. We have reached out to hundreds of digital communities that all have in common a connection with our mission, and have invited them to online discussion panels during which we shared insights into the ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes involved in hair care.”
Availability: November 23 at
Price: $18 for full-sized bars and $6 for minis

Waitlist worthy: Eskafil is a new dermatologist-created beauty line launching with three products – a moisturizer, serum and eye cream – that boast high concentrations of snail slime for its purported ant-aging benefits.
Marketing plan: “For the launch of Eskafil, we plan to focus on paid social and organic social while partnering with top skin care influencers for branded content and support. In addition, we will share the Eskafil story through email marketing, public relations efforts as well as a unique blog on our website,” said Jeff Lee, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Eskafil. “At Eskafil we believe skin care is self-care. We are a lifestyle brand that enhances existing skin care rituals with a ground-breaking approach to simplify the daily routines of our customers while understanding the value of a self-care routine.”
Availability: November 15 at
Price: Youth Activating Serum ($65), Youth Activating Moisturizer ($60) and Youth Activating Eye Cream ($59)

Six Gldn
Waitlist worthy: For the holiday season, this new brand is releasing an introductory On the Glow set of its five clean, multi-tasking daily essentials in take-anywhere mini sizes, including its Daily Vitamin C Radiance Serum and Nourshing Face Oil. The set will include a complimentary on-the-go bag. As skin care inspired by the light of golden hour, the formulas are packed with botanical complexes, antioxidants and actives, that aim to deliver radiant skin that glows with health.
Marketing plan: “We’re proud that our products are built on the cleanest and most effective ingredients – with over 2,000 potentially harmful ingredients banned. Our skin care is for everyone, and we’re working with health, beauty and lifestyle influencers of all ages to showcase the safety, ease of use, and performance of these potent botanical formulas, and how easy it is to swap out less-than-healthy options and get amazing results,” said Karima El-Hakkaoui, Six Gldn Founder and CEO.  “We will launch with a library of first-class blog content that’s a go-to for consumers seeking up-to-the-minute information on healthy skin, clean beauty, and physical and mental wellbeing, and will continue to post new content bi-weekly. Additionally, as one of the first clean skin care brands to be certified Plastic Negative we’re also working in partnership with rePurpose Global to highlight for beauty consumers the environmental benefits of minimizing plastic use. We’ve offered the set at a discounted rate to encourage holiday shopping for those who want to try clean, high performance beauty for the first time.”
Availability: November 9 on
Price: $97