The time is now to cast your vote for the Beauty Creators Awards and the People’s Choice categories: voting comes to a close at midnight on October 5 EST. Don’t miss the chance to vote for your favorite beauty products, brands, influencers, and more. Over the next 24 hours, make sure you:

  • Support your fellow beauty industry executives: Whether you’re a beauty brand, retailer, supplier, or media rep, make your voice heard and support the industry’s most important product innovation recognition program. Most important, the brand you vote on supports the creators behind the product.


  • Set the tone for upcoming trends: The winners of the Beauty Creators Awards and the People’s Choice categories are great indicators of what’s driving the trends in the industry. Make sure your opinion become part of the conversation.


  • Bring home the beauty bounty: Ten lucky voters* will have the opportunity to win a gift bag full of beauty goodies, worth up to $500. Don’t miss the opportunity to cast your vote and help set the tone for the beauty industry.

*Must live in the continental U.S.