Dr. Raj 2022

Dr. Roshini Raj



Dr. Roshini Raj is a board certified, practicing gastroenterologist at New York University and the founder of TULA – the skincare brand that sits at the intersection of beauty and wellness with a clean, clinical approach to beauty that looks at research and clinical studies to continuously innovate in skincare with breakthrough products and cutting-edge ingredient formulations that include probiotic extracts and superfoods. Dr. Raj has been studying the power of probiotics for over 20 years and had a lightbulb moment after seeing the life-changing impact that probiotics had on her patients’ internal health and on their skin’s appearance. Identifying this as the next breakthrough innovation in skincare, Dr. Raj launched TULA in 2014 and continues to apply her medical knowledge to skincare with the goal of promoting confidence and the importance of being healthy over looking perfect.

Dr. Raj is an all around superwoman. She received her medical degree from New York University, her undergraduate degree from Harvard, and is a best-selling author who recently launched her second book, “Gut Renovation: Unlock the Age-Defying Power of the Microbiome to Remodel Your Health from the Inside Out.” She is also a Medical Editor at Health Magazine, and a regular medical contributor on The TODAY Show and CNN. She discusses health topics on network and cable shows, including ABC’s The View, LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan, Good Morning America and World News Tonight; and The Discovery Health Channel; She’s been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Fitness.