What are the cultural shifts defining beauty in 2024 and beyond?

Trendalytics has curated a data-backed forecast for the coming year emphasizing four key themes: Mythic, Bisou, Hyperreality, and Cataclysm. Each trend story breaks down the cultural shifts making an impact on the beauty industry, from the “shroom boom” to psychodermatology; must-know colors; ingredients; as well as brands leading the market that you’ll want to keep on your radar — and follow on social media.

Cataclysm, for example, explores otherworldly, apocalyptic landscapes, bringing subversive futurism to life. Within this key theme identified by Trendalytics, elemental ingredients, products that protect, and sustainable solutions represent the modern consumer’s new outlook and attitude toward the world. Cataclysm explores topics such as rewilding, which Trendalytics says is the antidote to modern life.

“A rising focus on urban biodiversity has communities around the world planting native forests in public spaces. Rituals and products help regenerate, strengthen, and protect the skin’s natural flora. On TikTok, #skinbarrier has jumped from around 300M to 3.1B views in the past year alone,” reports Trendalytics.

Diving into high-tech innovation is represented by the key theme of Hyperreality, where AI and biotech beauty is brought to the forefront, as well as the brands that are playing in this realm.

“Chanel has developed reconstructed human skin with cell culture techniques and 3D bioprinting for cosmetic testing to produce more effective skin care products. According to Grand View Research, the global biotech ingredients market was valued at $1.61B in 2019 and is expected to reach $3.01B by 2027,” states the Trendalytics report.

To better understand how data plays a part in the equation, Trendalytics uses its proprietary algorithm to identify themes and trends that are exhibiting two distinct behaviors: emerging and safe bets. The goal? To help brands make more forward-looking decisions by providing them with the ability to capitalize on undiscovered consumer trends rather than simply jumping on the bandwagon.

Uncover a sample of Trendalytics 2024 Beauty Forecast.