Despite a saturated market, consumers are continuously searching for distinctive products and unique trends. In the realm of whitespace opportunities, two dominant trends are emerging, according to Spate, including the rise of dual-phase cleansing routines and kojic acid formulations, both of which highlight the enormous potential for brands to design multi-phasic, laser-focused solutions. It also shows that consumers are intent to address scars and discoloration. Brands should harness this trend by emphasizing exfoliating and tone-balancing products.

“Consumer focus has notably shifted not just to the effectiveness but also to the intricacies of product formulations, especially in the domain of cleansing. The rise in searches for oil-based versus water-based cleansers and the increasing curiosity about double cleansing systems underscores consumers’ deep interest in product efficacy,” says Olivier Zimmer, Spate’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Other whitespace opportunities indicate a rising demand for patches, pads, toners, and modeling masks. Consumers are eager for a deviation from their typical serum or moisturizer steps, seeking novel formats to rejuvenate their skin care routine.

While the volume of searches for silicone patches are low compared to their skin care counterparts i.e., double cleansing and hyperpigmentation, its growth in search has increased almost 50%.

“Searches for silicone patches continue to rise, signaling an expanding market opportunity for skin care brands who may be considering entering the patch and mask product categories. Consumers also compared silicone patches to silicone gel. Top product formats highlight the growing interest in patch solutions beyond the under-eye area, and into the wrinkle category,” states insights from the report.

Delving into this report, it’s clear that the skin care industry’s potential is far from tapped out. Brands willing to adapt and align with these emerging trends are poised for growth. To learn about the Whitespace Opportunities in Skincare 2023, be sure to download Spate’s latest report.