Influencer marketing platform Traackr recently found that hair care content has increased in popularity on social media, with unique influencers, mentions, engagement, and video views up year over year across the board in the first half of 2023. But which indie hair care brands are capitalizing on this rising interest through influencer partnerships? Traackr just released its Rising Indie Hair Care Brands report, sharing the indie hair care brands leveraging influencers to strengthen their Brand Vitality Scores (VIT).

Some rising indie hair care brands that earned high VIT in H1 2023 are:

1. K18: VIT 104.2K
2. Color Wow Hair: VIT 55.3K
3. Gisou: VIT 40K
4. Dae: VIT 35.6K
5. Moroccanoil: VIT 22K
6. Vegamour: VIT 20.4K
7. Prose: VIT 14.6K
8. Virtue Labs: VIT 13.8K
9. Fable & Mane: VIT 9.5K
10. Crown Affair: VIT 6.4K

The report also outlines how these brands earn this influence. According to Kayla Quock, Director of Brand Marketing at Traackr:

  • Two top-performing brands by VIT — K18 and Color Wow — saw a much higher portion of their VIT come from mega and macro influencers when compared to the other eight brands.
  • Hair oiling and hair oil products appeared in many top mentions, particularly on TikTok.
  • Hairstyle tutorials were also a content style seen across many of the top-performing posts on both Instagram and TikTok.

To read the full report, click here.