Tribe Dynamics shared the top luxury brands on social media for the month of April, revealing their Earned Media Value (EMV), a prescribed metric that quantifies the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media and its respective engagement levels. Tribe’s holistic approach assigns a specific dollar value to each piece of content, based on the publishing channel’s perceived value of digital word-of-mouth to brands within the industry. EMV serves as a tool for benchmarking across marketing activities and across brands.

1. Gucci – $53,461,054

2. Chanel – $44,475,305
3. Dior – $34,559,398
4. Saint Laurent (YSL) – $30,237,665

5. Louis Vuitton – $25,942,390
6. Marc Jacobs – $19,189,794

7. Dolce & Gabbana – $17,238,324
8. Chloé – $15,263,712
9. Céline – $15,169,156
10. Christian Louboutin– $12,893,993

Key Insights

  • Gucci claimed the top spot among Luxury brands in April, generating an impressive $53.5M EMV. While numerous luxury brands were worn at California’s famed Coachella music festival, a particularly large contingent of influencers attended while sporting their Gucci best, documenting their outfits on social media. In all, #coachella drove $709.8K EMV for Gucci in April.
  • Marc Jacobs drove $19.2M EMV in April, thanks in large part to consistent inclusion in videos by some of YouTube’s most popular beauty vloggers. Jeffree Star (YouTube’s jeffreestar) raved highlighted several offerings in his tutorials, and Tati Westbrook (Tati) incorporated the Twinkle Pop Eyeshadow Stick and Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara into eight of her 11 posts about the brand throughout the quarter. Tati and Jeffree were Marc Jacobs’ top two EMV-generating ambassadors for the month, garnering a respective $794.4K and $673.9K EMV.