Brand Epi.Logic

Founder Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton

Sales:  Under $1 million (estimated)

Distribution:, Violet Grey, Knockout Beauty

Launch History/Unique Proposition: Epi.Logic is a line of elevated skin care essentials that prioritize not only the results of its skin care regimen but the experience itself. Each offering is balanced to deliver a variety of complexion-boosting and sensory-pampering benefits. Launched in fall 2019 by Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton, epi.logic was born out of a desire to address the unmet skin care needs of her patients. She responded to the feelings of frustration and confusion she heard among the women she cared for, and created a line that prioritized clinically proven active ingredients in luxurious multitasking combinations. The goal was to simultaneously simplify and elevate clinical skin care. The line quickly gained a reputation for its efficacy in addressing hyperpigmentation in skin of color.

2021 Goals:  A sunscreen is the next product launch planned for 2021.  Epi.Logic will also continue to forge impactful retail relationships in the luxury space and to build its social media community, according to Chaneve.