Companies looking to help their employees balance work and cancer can turn to Cancer and Careers for some answers. The non-profit arm of Cosmetic Executive Women is now bringing this important conversation on-site, visiting several prominent companies this month.

Upcoming presentations on workplace support include an inaugural Lunchtime Conversations event at the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and a follow-up Lunch & Learn at QVC, the second workshop held at their Studio Park headquarters in West Chester, PA. Both will be broadcast to their other locations via webinars. The trainings will address employees, HR professionals and managers, offering solutions to the challenges of managing cancer in the workplace.

“Cancer affects an entire work-team—not just the employee with cancer,” said Cancer and Careers’ Chief Mission Officer, Rebecca Nellis. “Bosses and HR staff often need guidance when a survivor turns to them for help. Employers who are out in front on this issue realize that a supportive climate starts with preparation.”

Cancer and Careers’ support for companies can be ongoing. QVC has partnered with the program long-term, requesting year-round resources and publications for their employees, as well as opportunities for further interaction and involvement. QVC’s Employee Engagement program currently offers Cancer and Careers-themed Wellness Wednesdays, educational toolkits for survivors and their managers, employee giving programs, and intranet content where employees can tune in to learn more.

Also scheduled in April is an inaugural webinar for The Business Council of New York State, open to all Business Council Members as well as local members of the Society for HR Management. Ms. Nellis will join Delta Airlines’ Managing Director for Health Strategy and Resources when presenting.

Cancer and Careers’ presence in the workplace sends a powerful message–employees, as well as the companies they work for, don’t have to go it alone after a cancer diagnosis. “What may seem new and overwhelming is exactly what our program has been focusing on since its inception,“ said Rebecca. “We have practical advice, and welcome the chance to reach everyone who could benefit.”

To learn more about Cancer and Careers’ many resources, for yourself or for your company, please contact