Maison Cartier unveils an immersive, olfactory installation at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the first in a series of immersive, multisensory experiences exploring art, science and fragrance.

Maison Cartier’s latest creative endeavor is an unidentified scented object.

The luxury French jeweler inaugurates its first multisensory installation, part of a project it has named OSNI (Objet Sentant Non Identifié), translated as USO, or Unidentified Scented Object, during Paris’ FIAC, the city’s contemporary art fair.

The debut installation, which runs from October 20 to October 23, is called Le Nuage Parfumé (Scented Cloud), and is built in front of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Visitors enter a large glass cube that houses a scented, artificially-controlled cloud, infused with L’Envol de Cartier, the latest fragrance composed by in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent. The surreal, multisensory experience, like a three-dimensional Magritte painting, reflects the magic when art (fragrance) and science (technology) meet. Maison Cartier describes the installation as a celebration of the mind and the senses, a space between heaven and earth that is meant to shake the senses and inspire reverie.

Le Nuage Parfumé is the result of a collaboration between Maison Cartier’s Mathilde and Transsolar, a Munich-based, international climate engineering firm of physicists, architects, and engineers focused on leading-edge climate and energy concepts.

The cloud has been stabilized in the glass cube through bioclimatic technologies, ‘a strata-based air-control system’ that stabilizes the fragrance in the striking and ethereal architectural space.

As the first OSNI (or Unidentified Scented Object), Le Nuage Parfumé heralds a series of multisensory experiences designed to showcase Maison Cartier’s imaginative and experimental vision in the realm of fragrance, where art, innovation, science and emotion combine to create surprising new worlds and states of being.

Breathing in Le Nuage Parfumé is free, but visitors must register in advance.