China dominates the beauty news this morning, with Sephora opening its first experiential “Store of the Future” in Shanghai, and Forbes investigating the reasons that the country’s economic recovery isn’t moving as fast as many companies hoped it would have. You can read these stories and more in the links below.

Sephora Unveils Its First Store of the Future in Shanghai. The company’s second experiential retail store (the first being in Singapore) will deliver hyper-personalized services like advanced skin analysis, mobile POS, in-store makeup and skin-care services, and more. (Beauty Matter)

Why Luxury’s Recovery in China is Uneven. Post-COVID lockdowns, the country’s economic recovery has been driven by a small group of ultra-wealthy individuals who aren’t as affected by the volatility in the wider Chinese economy. (Business of Fashion)

How Next-Generation AI Will Make Customer Service More Customer-Friendly. Generative AI (like ChatGPT, for instance), will provide customer service chatbots the skills to generate both answers and actions, making them more resourceful and useful. It also might boost customer service agents’ efficiency and job satisfaction. (AdWeek)

How John Legend’s Loved01 is Emphasizing Diversity in its Influencer Marketing Strategy. On Wednesday, the singer and his brand announced a partnership with Captiv8, an influencer marketing platform, in an effort to advance diversity and empower underrepresented communities. (Glossy)

The Beauty of Self-Expression. Today, the luxury e-retailer launched its Pride beauty campaign featuring actress Lux Pascal and model Joakim Gjemmestad, who discuss their self-affirming rituals and the power of representation. (Farfetch)