Grab your cup of coffee and set aside a bit of time because this morning’s top stories are worth digging into. Allure announced the winners of its annual Readers’ Choice Awards (68 products in total), while Beauty Independent writes about the growing push-back on sunscreen “reef-safe” claims and Business of Fashion looks into why Gen-Z may never see the seismic success of a brand like Glossier or Warby Parker.

We also suggest taking time to read through Wired’s report on the state of Twitter under Elon Musk, and how it’s gone from global public square to a platform rife with racists, bigots and propagandists. As more public figures and publications pull out, it will be worth keeping an eye on the platform regardless of whether you use it for professional or personal reasons.

Why There May Never Be a Gen-Z Glossier or Warby Parker. Emerging in a different financial market with higher interest rates and where venture capital is harder to access, Gen-Z are trying to avoid the mistakes made by their millennial predecessors. (Business of Fashion)

Clinique Names Marsai Martin Global Ambassador, Partner Producer. The actor takes on a first-of-its-kind dual role that will give her creative input in the campaigns she’s starring in. (WWD)

Sunscreen Brands Start to Challenge “Reef-Safe” Claims. A growing number of brands are calling out the “reef-safe” claim, believing it takes companies off the hook for environmental degradation resulting from packaging, sourcing and manufacturing, and could prevent broader actions to minimize the beauty industry’s impact on the earth. (Beauty Independent)

Allure’s Readers’ Choice Awards. The Beauty Expert released the results of its Readers’ Choice Awards yesterday. Check out what products made the cut. (Allure)

How to Thrive in a Hyper-Competitive Environment. Found in the Forbes Entrepreneurs section today, the publication lays out how to achieve visibility for your business in a super crowded environment. (Forbes)

Henkel Sells Russia Business Unit. In addition to releasing its first-quarter earnings, the German company finalized the sale of its business activities in Russia following the country’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. (WWD)

Twitter Is Really Worse Than Ever. An in-depth look into the current state of Twitter, from its lack of transparency to its reduction of hate-speech moderation. (Wired)