Data firm Social Standards recently analyzed for CEW consumer Instagram conversations around gifting in the Beauty, Personal Care, and Health & Wellness categories to better understand which products might be top of mind for shoppers this year. The following list presents which categories showed rapid YOY growth, as well as which are over-indexing in at least one of the following gift-related conversation topics (relative to the average Beauty conversation): gift, stocking stuffer, wish list, wait list, Secret Santa. Below, the extrapolated product groupings and key insights.

Cleanser: Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Foam
Scented Body Products: Perfume, Body Lotion, Wash, Scrubs, Oils
Lip Treatments: Plumper, Gloss, Pencil
Spatial Scents: Aromatherapy, Candles, Diffusers, Incense
Eyelash Products: Fake Eyelashes & Eyelash Extensions
Permanent Makeup: Eyebrow Lamination, Eyebrow Tinting, Eyebrow & Lip Tattoo, Eyebrow Feathering
Fillers: Lip & Dermal Injections
Nail Products: Fake Nails, Cuticle Care, Nail Files & Tools, Nail Stickers
Overnight Treatments: Eye Serums
Blush Cream

Key Insights

Items with efficacious claims or ingredients, particularly in skin care, mostly within anti-aging, as well as playful and dramatic makeup products targeting lips, eyes and nails, self-care/heavily sensorial products received the most activity.

  • Products most significantly associated with waitlist: Permanent Makeup, Eyelash, and Eyebrow Products
  • Products most significantly associated with stocking stuffer (and Secret Santa): Lip, Nail, and Bath & Body Products
  • Products most significantly associated with wish list: Overnight care, Serums, and Balms