It’s safe to say that over the past 12 months the readers of Beauty News weren’t fixated on any one subject in particular, but rather an array of topics is what kept them engaged throughout the year. Beauty News analytics show that readers’ interests spanned from financial news to beauty trends to retail news to executives on the move, with a particular fascination towards the latest in CEO appointments. The appointment of former Estée Lauder executive Lisa Sequino as CEO of JLo Beauty & Lifestyle Companies grabbed the most attention (and clicks) for 2022. Other top executive stories include the naming of CEW’s Chairwoman, Jill Scalamandre, as CEO for Beekman 1802, followed by the appointment of former Shiseido Americas Chief Growth Officer and CEO, Marc Rey, as CEO of Beautycounter. Retail news was also top of mind for readers; an article about Versed expanding into Walmart was the second most clicked story of the year, while an interview with Walgreens’ hair guru on the chain’s amped up hair care aisle made the Top 10. Financial news was also popular with readers, especially regarding brand investments. And, rounding out the best-clicked stories were deep dives on trends as readers sought out information on the brands to watch in 2022, as well as what the year’s hot categories were going to be. Here are the top Beauty News articles of 2022:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Sequino Appointed CEO of JLo Beauty & Lifestyle Companies
  2. Versed Expands into Walmart in Latest Move to Democratize Clean Skin Care
  3. Moon Juice Secures $7M in True Beauty Ventures Series C Raise
  4. Jill Scalamandre Named CEO of Beekman 1802
  5. Editor’s Picks: Brands to Watch in 2022
  6. Meet the Team Behind the Biggest Deals in Beauty: Raymond James
  7. What We Can Expect in 2022: Category Trends; Dermatology, Skin Care Treatments; Social Media
  8. Marc Rey Tapped as Beautycounter CEO
  9. 5 Minutes with Walgreens’ Hair Care Guru Sara Mullins
  10. Best of Spring 2022 Beauty Product Launches