CVS Pharmacy is making mental health its next big focus.

As the next phase of its Beauty Mark initiative, one that educated customers on the difference between authentic and digitally altered photos, CVS has partnered with renowned media psychologist Dr. Pamela Rutledge to conduct an online survey through The Harris Poll to uncover what transparency in beauty means now that the pandemic has increased screen time and video conferences.

According to Dr. Rutledge, about 78 percent of women aged 18 to 35 spend time on video calls each week, with 37 percent spending at least five hours on video calls in a typical week. The increase has caused a “constant evaluation on one’s own reflection, having a significant impact on their mental health.”

The survey found more than half said they would rather give up something they love for a week than post a photo online about which they don’t feel confident. And, nearly half of women who spend time on video calls in a typical week share that they use filters to touch up or alter their appearance on these calls. One in three said that they are less confident in their appearance than they were a year ago (i.e. before the COVID-19 pandemic).

According to Neela Montgomery, President of CVS Pharmacy and Executive Vice President, CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy will host in-depth conversations around mental health with Dr. Rutledge and key partners, including Victoria Garrick, Social Media Influencer and Mental Health Advocate. Additionally, CVS Health has announced other measures to prioritize the mental well-being of customers, including Aetna’s Here 4 U Sessions for Women, Aetna Resources for Living’s Women’s Mental Health Resource Kit and access to Mental Health services at MinuteClinic® in select CVS® HealthHUB™ Stores currently offered in select Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas locations.

Last week CVS Pharmacy also announced that Nyma Tang, a long-standing partner and CVS Beauty Mark supporter, has become its very first Beauty Inclusivity Consultant, a reflection of its ongoing commitment to transparency and equity in the beauty aisles. In the new role Nyma looks to help CVS beauty aisles be even more inclusive in imagery and merchandise.