As a light therapy company that played mainly in the medical arena selling LED technologies to doctor offices, spas and salons, Lloyd Nelson, the Chief Executive Officer of LED Technologies LLC, was looking for critical mass in beauty retailers.

Around the same time, Kathy Ireland, the former supermodel and current owner of a $2 billion apparel enterprise, which includes socks, evening wear, sleepwear and hardlines sold in stores such as Macy’s and Belks, was exploring opportunities in beauty. Kathy had always wanted to get into the industry, as it was part of her DNA, but being a natural California girl, skin care was more appealing than color cosmetics—and options were limited.

Through friends of friends, Kathy and Lloyd were introduced about a year ago and the two set out to launch Kathy Ireland-branded light therapy devices in 2014.

Fast forward 12 months and entering stores now is Kathy Ireland Skin Care by reVive Light Therapy Handheld Systems. Three different devices have been designed to target three different skin care concerns, as well as three different distribution channels: there’s one for anti-aging, another for acne and one for pain relief and skin recovery. Each reVive Light Therapy device aims to replicate specific UV-free light spectrums emitted by the sun that naturally drive the body’s response to cellular repair and regeneration, production of collagen and elastins, as well as the natural elimination of acne causing bacteria. Each has been approved by the FDA.

“Our partnership with reVive Light Therapy is a huge opportunity that serves women and men with an all natural resource that can be comfortably and privately done in your very own home,” Kathy said.

The anti-age device uses infrared, red and amber lights to penetrate skin. After eight weeks of use, 97% of users reported a reduction in facial wrinkles and enhanced skin tone and texture.

The acne device uses non-UV blue light to target acne-causing bacteria. After one week of use, 100% of users reported significant reduction of acne and swollen pores.

For those seeking relief from sunburn, muscle aches and arthritis, powerful infrared lights penetrate skin to increase circulation, cellular reproduction and recovery to increase healing. About 92% of users said they saw positive effects after a few days of daily treatment.

For mass retailers, the Essentials reVive Light Therapy Collection has been designed and is available in anti-aging and anti-acne versions, with retailers such as Target and Rite Aid among the first to jump on board. Each device retails for $69 and contains 24 medical grade LED lights, which should be used for three minutes on each two-inch area of targeted skin. Introductory kits include a free $39 serum as well.

The Clinical reVive Light Therapy Collection retails for $159, contains 60 medical grade lights and allows for interchangeable light heads. The larger head covers a 3.25 inch area of skin and comes with a travel bag and goggles, and a light-maximizing serum. Retailers, such as Kohls, will begin selling Clinical in October.

The Professional Collection retails for $249, is cordless, contains 60 medical grade lights, features a LCD control screen and targets wrinkles, blemishes, skin tone and acne. There is also a professional grade panel system, which retails for $349, and uses 302 medical grade lights that’s large enough to target the full face, neck, chest and hands.

The devices have international distribution in the UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. “They are a lot more accepting to use this technology, but they also don’t have the stringent rules we do. So when they see that we are FDA approved that is a stamp that this works,” said Lloyd.

Kathy sees at-home light therapy as the next big thing in beauty.

“Light therapy is a magnificent DIY product. Just as men and women have in home hood dryers, tanning beds, gym equipment and more, consumers are always looking for the next best thing in conveniences, privacy, better living and healthy solutions. In this case, reVive Light Therapy devices are portable which allows you to carry them with you anywhere you travel.”

Results of light therapy are mind boggling, she said.

“The results last! Skin texture, firming, even the tone of my skin has improved. I’m wearing less make-up and receiving compliments…with a significant reduction in the signs of sun damage.”

First year retail sales of reVive Light Therapy are expected to be $16 million, said Lloyd.

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