On June 26, beauty and lifestyle trade show, Foundermade, returned to Spring Studio in Manhattan for its annual Discovery Show designed to connect consumer brands with press, retailers, distributors, investors and influencers. The event featured more than 200 brands in addition to educational panels including “The Art of Acquisition” with executives from Schmidt’s Naturals, Sir Kensington’s, Elemis and The Laundress; “Growing Global” with executives from Glossy, Olivia Garden, Snow Fox Skincare and Alibaba Group/Tmall Global; and fireside chats with Bobbi Brown, Founder & CEO, Beauty Evolution, and Jody Pinson, VP of Walmart Beauty. Notably, this year an entire floor was dedicated to The Future of Cannabis & CBD Lounge, presented by Dixie Brand, featuring an array of both CBD and THC wellness companies. Here, some of the brands seen at the show that are now on Beauty News’ radar. The next U.S. version of Foundermade is scheduled for October 16 in Santa Monica.

OWA Haircare – With just one offering, this hair care brand is looking to make the beauty industry more sustainable with its water-activated powder shampoo. Featuring naturally-derived ingredients, the wash, $29, aims to maintain the quality and efficacy of salon-grade shampoo with a formula that lathers when activated by water.

Kuida CBD Cosmecutics – Based in Latin America, this CBD-infused skin care brand is looking to make its debut in the U.S. within the next three months. All products in the line are powered by CBD derived from hemp and are designed to work synergistically with other active ingredients for anti-aging effects. It’s the first mass-market CBD-based brand in Colombia approved by INVIMA, Colombia´s health agency, to be available for sale in the country.

Rosebud – Using plant-based ingredients, Rosebud offers luxury vaginal skin care to address the unique needs of a woman’s body. Its signature product, Everyday Balm, which retails for $90, is designed to moisturize, condition and rebuild buoyancy.

Smile Makers – Also in the sexual wellness category is Smile Makers, a collection of vibrators that look to offer a sleeker product design to be sold in everyday environments. Prices start at $55, and the brand is currently sold in retailers such as Goop and Urban Outfitters.

Sundaily – With the mission of fighting life’s daily stressors from the inside out, Sundaily offers two selections of gummies, priced at $29 each, designed to elevate one’s skin care routine. Developed by Dr. Emilia Javorsky the company only uses active ingredients that have been tested for skin care and beauty benefits in humans, with results published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Current offerings include, Base Layer, which aims to boost skin’s natural ability to fight free radical damage, and Back Up, designed to stimulate collagen production and reduce the signs of skin aging.

The Vanity Project – This brand offers a series of products that women can tuck into their purse to freshen up, including Wine Wipes, designed to remove unwanted wine stains from teeth without interfering with the taste of wine ($18), and Biddettes ($22), formulated to remove odors in sensitive areas. The company recently entered skin care with a CBD-infused sheet mask ($20).