Last week, Estée Lauder’s great-granddaughter, Danielle Lauder, 25, posted an Instagram photo of herself on her account @daniellelauder. In the snapshot, she dons a pink ruffled gown and is holding up a script while a makeup artist touches up her look. The photo caption reads, “I am SO excited to officially announce my collaboration with @esteelauder on a limited edition makeup collection called ACT IV that comes out JANUARY 2020!! This has been such an incredible experience to create and I cannot wait to share it with you all! Get ready for your close up.”

The collection’s name, Act IV, is a cinematic reference to Danielle’s fourth-generation Lauder heritage and a reference to her work as an actress. Danielle is the granddaughter of Chairman Emeritus, Leonard A. Lauder, The Estée Lauder Cos., and daughter of William P. Lauder, Executive Chairman of The Estée Lauder Cos.

The beauty range includes seven products and will launch in January 2020 through select influencer and retailer partnerships. As of now, there are no more details on the specific offerings of the collection.

“I am excited to be launching this limited-edition makeup collection with Estée Lauder, my great- grandmother’s namesake brand,” said Danielle Lauder in a press release. “Act IV is a perfect blend of my heritage in beauty and my passion for acting, taking inspiration from my life in Hollywood to provide multi-faceted makeup products for every woman to add a touch of glamour to her day.”

An aspiring actress living in Hollywood, Danielle Lauder grew up in New York City before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for acting. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, where she studied film and theater. She has played lead and starring roles in films like The Charnel House, a psychological thriller, The Stanford Prison Experiment, a dramatic thriller, and I Love Lucy, the comedy short.

Danielle said she has inherited many traits from her great-grandmother, Estée Lauder, who once had dreams of gracing the silver screen before creating her global beauty empire. Danielle’s enthusiasm for all things beauty is proof the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. These traits were passed down from Estée, of course, as well as from her grandmother, Evelyn H. Lauder.