As a result of the global pandemic, consumers across the world have turned to fragrance to help ease their emotions, according to Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned perfume and flavors company. The firm surveyed 6,400 men and women across 11 countries, including the Americas, Asia and Europe, to uncover what emotions consumers are feeling, what these emotions mean, and how they may translate into new trends for the industry.

According to the study, 56 percent of survey respondents said they appreciate fragrances more during lockdown, and 56 percent take comfort in scents more than they used to before the pandemic. Of the respondents, 68 percent admitted their lifestyle and emotional wellbeing were highly impacted by quarantine mandates and felt a range of conflicting emotions, such as fear and insecurity, as well as care and love ultimately influencing their scent preferences.

“Today, there is a true consumer shift towards fragrances that evoke feelings of safety, cleanliness and serenity. We named this combination of emotional signals that consumers expect from fragrances Sereni-Clean,” said Catherine Ducret, Director, Digital Consumer Insights, Firmenich.

The firm anticipates consumers will continue to lean into the Sereni-Clean fragrance trend over the next few months and is planning an additional survey at the beginning of 2021 to update the results for the new normal.