Sonia Summers

For Sonia Summers, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Beauty Barrage, creating a signature branded experience is one of the key components to in-store success. So why are so few beauty brands delivering one?

“We’re in an experience economy,” says Sonia. “At Beauty Barrage we create memorable customer experiences in stores every day. We can help you do the same. It might be creating a signature facial or a treatment that is so amazing it brings people into stores—and they tell friends.” Sonia also recommends playing off your strengths. Have a key ingredient or a powerful brand story? Bring it to life in your stores by demonstrating the benefits. For Dyson we did a “bubbles and blow out” event highlighting the ease of use for a new design and technology.

There is much chatter about the expansion of online beauty sales. But in reality, more than 80% of global beauty and personal care sales are made in stores. The research and discovery process might commence online, but the transaction deal is sealed in stores. Almost 50% of those polled by PWC report visiting a physical store weekly—turn those visits into experiences that build customers for life.


Beauty Barrage hosts more than 2400 in-store “Brand Experience Days” per month on average. That is accomplished by more than 300 Beauty Barrage employees—not freelancers—who are passionate about what they do and receive top-notch training through Beauty Barrage’s Bootcamp. That translates into roughly over 700 hours of education delivered each month throughout retailers in North America. Harnessing the power of Beauty Barrage can slice payroll costs on average by 35% or more. Those using Beauty Barrage see sales return on investment soar 3x.

Beauty brands who are pressed to keep operational costs in check and feel pinched to maintain internal field teams can offer high levels of service by turning to Beauty Barrage. “We have a major team of professionals — boots on the ground that are prepped by our education team and managed by our head of sales – our team is given the resources to learn and grow in their positions so that they have the tools to build relationships and sell,” Sonia says. “What we’ve seen on the front line is that brands that invest in creating an experience, delivering education, and doing it right are the ones winning at retail.”

Beauty Barrage not only offers in-store experts, but can train, plan and nurture your brand with a portfolio that includes store events, pop-up shops, training and management strategy, sales analysis, operations support and merchandising.

To learn about how Beauty Barrage can build your experience, contact: [email protected].

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