Skin care is becoming ever more photogenic on social media with products, formulations and devices popping on the pages of Instagram. Beauty Insider reviewed some key examples of skin care Insta-bait.

Facial Rollers
Jade rollers are a big sensation on Instagram because they have a New Age-y photogenic appeal; deliver immediate, visible results; and are an affordable alternative to pricey, at-home devices. The ancient Chinese beauty practice of jade rolling, which dates back to the seventh century, is especially popular with millennials who are drawn to beauty rituals associated with spiritual wellbeing and mindfulness. Jade rollers are simply oblong pieces of jade, like small rolling pins, some smooth and others textured, that have a multitude of benefits when gently rolled on the skin. These include alleviating puffiness, promoting cell turnover, aiding lymphatic draining, encouraging the elimination of toxins, stimulating collagen production, and improving skin elasticity. Rolling also aids the absorption of serums, oils and moisturizers. In addition, jade is believed to be the gemstone of calm and healing. Jade rollers are available everywhere, from fashion retailers such as Free People to Amazon and Walmart. A number of other rollers have since appeared, such as rose quartz (for anti-aging), gold (for radiance), blue soladite (for hydration), amethyst (for stress-relief), and black obsidian (to fight acne).

Masks & Patches Inspired by Micro-needling

Masks are still trending heavily on Instagram and are becoming ever more specialized and sophisticated. Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves puncturing the surface of the skin with tiny needles. In addition to Radara’s micro-channeling patches that are formulated with microscopic plastic structures allowing hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeply into the skin, mass brands such as ORA, available at CVS, are offering a selection of accessibly-priced micro-needling products. ORA’s Facial Microneedle Roller System 0.5 mm needle is comprised of extremely fine needles that gently penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in smoother and firmer skin. ORA’s range also includes a MasKerade DUET Facial Steamer & Organic Mask Maker that combines two of the most popular spa treatments – facial masks & steam facials – in one device. ORA’s device enables users to create organic gel masks in a few minutes from any fruits and vegetables that are in liquid form.

Blue Tansy

Blue tansy, from the blue tansy flower, is a Moroccan chamomile whose striking aquamarine oil has calming, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits (like most chamomiles). Naturally vivid color is a relative rarity in skin care, so the brilliant blue tansy, in its various incarnations such as balms, oils and scrubs, is Instagram bull’s-eye. In addition to Herbivore Botanicals’ Lapis Facial Oil, Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask and Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm (the latter two of which contain blue tansy oil) blue tansy is the star ingredient of Acure’s Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil, available at Target. The soothing night oil is antioxidant-rich and applied overnight for deep hydration.

Pink Clay

Millennial pink packaging abounds, and now millennial-hued pink clay is experiencing more than a moment on Instagram. Australian skin care brand Sand & Sky, launched the bestselling Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask last year with benefits including pore-shrinking and facial radiance. Mega-influencer, Huda Kattan, said she was a big fan of the rose-toned clay. Sand & Sky followed up this month with Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment. The brand’s latest product, which had acquired a 12,000-person wait list, promises glowing skin in just five minutes by refining pores, resurfacing skin and boosting skin’s natural glow. While clay has long been used in masks thanks to its detoxifying properties, pink clay also boosts cell renewal and improves skin’s elasticity. Acure’s Radically Rejuvenating Face Mask, sold at Target, featuring Moroccan red clay, helps to draw out impurities together with marshmallow root extract that hydrates the skin.


Gelcream (@gelcream) is an Instagram account that has amassed 54,700 followers with just 303 posts – and plenty of buzz. The feed consists of simple product shots held up by a hand, often under natural light. Accompanying product reviews are concise and informative. As Gelcream states, there are zero ads, so none of the posts are sponsored. The aesthetic is minimalist and focused on the products themselves. With so much clutter and cacophony in social media, Gelcream’s fast-growing popularity is a reminder that simplicity has an undeniable power.

Gold Flakes
Gold flakes and gold extract have long been included in luxury skin care, but now a number of mass brands are featuring this luminous ingredient that catches the light beautifully on Instagram feeds. Miss Spa Restore and Brighten 24K Gold Radiance Mask, sold at Target, is a luxurious facial mask that hydrates to leave skin glowing. Timeless Truth Gold Flakes Moisture Boosting Black Charcoal Mask, also available at Target, is infused with gold flakes to revitalize skin. SOKO Ready Gold Foil Sheek Mask, at CVS, uses real gold extract to brighten skin. London-based skin care brand Vitamasques launched a Gold Collection that contains gold dust. The masks, including Black Gold, Diamond Gold, Marine Gold and Rose Gold, contain anti-inflammatory properties and deliver an anti-oxidant boost. They are all priced under $7.