SweetSpot Labs (SSL), an intimate skin health and care products line, is re-introducing itself to consumers. The 18-year-old brand recently unveiled a bold and bright look via new packaging, as well as new product containers made of reclaimed or recycled biodegradable materials. The brand has also released reformulations of its best-selling products using non-toxic ingredients and high percentages of active ingredients. SSL was founded in 2003 by Shari Creed and was acquired by Amy Risley, Founder of SkinFix, in 2015.  Leading SSL is Julie Chamberlain, a beauty industry veteran, whose career includes several years at L’Oréal. She joined SSL as President in November 2020 with the goal of establishing the company as market leader in the intimate skin health category. Here, CEW Beauty News spoke to Julie about the brand, which achieved triple-digit growth in the U.S. market last year.

Julie Chamberlain
Julie Chamberlain

CEW Beauty News: Why did the brand see the need for the refresh?
Julie Chamberlain: Since 2003, we have been on a mission to fundamentally change the way people see, treat and talk about intimate skin health. We believe that skin care doesn’t stop at the neck. Vulvar dryness, ingrown hair, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, skin irritations, itchiness – needs to be cared for. We are thrilled that consumers are increasingly embracing whole-body wellness, that intimate skin care is increasingly on the agenda, and that SSL is founded on the pillars that are important in the eyes of consumers today: clean, effective, conscious products designed with a higher standard. All that said, we wanted to make our products stand out, while also having a conscious component with partially recycled plastics and caps. We’re also pleased to share that as of winter 2021, we’re in all Ulta Beauty stores nationwide.

BN: What are some of the brand’s latest launches?
JC: Sweetspot Labs has proven that innovations are at the forefront of our strategy and that time and time again women are truly looking for unique offers within this intimate skin care space. Our latest launches include: Rescue Balm ($25), a water-free treatment that aims to help reduce and prevent the symptoms associated with mild to severe vulvar skin dryness; Hydrate Ever After ($23), a hydrating serum meant to deeply replenish and retain moisture on intimate skin such as the labia; and A Clean Swipe ($16), a prebiotic cleansing serum designed to cleanse, deodorize, and balance the skin’s microbiome and can be used anywhere from underarms to the groin area.

BN: Talk about the marketing plan to raise awareness for the brand.
JC: We’ve executed communications for the first time by bringing on PR and Influencer partners. Despite being the OG intimate skin care brand, we never had a chance to speak to our roots and vocalize ourselves in the space. We’re so excited to finally be rolling out a strategic communications approach.

BN: What key factors have contributed to the brand’s growth?
JC: The main levers of growth included:

  • Since our journey began, we have been continually working to push the boundaries of ‘clean’ innovation—and the industry—forward.
  • New distribution. After proven success on ulta.com, and certification from the Ulta Conscious Beauty program, the brand strengthened its strategic partnership with Ulta Beauty and gained distribution in nearly 1,186 Ulta Beauty doors.
  • E-commerce acceleration. The brand benefited from an established consumer base (having been on amazon since 2018) from which to seize increased demand within the platform.

BN: Can you share what else we can expect to see from the brand in 2021?
JC: With intimate skin health being top of mind, the brand is excited to launch some major innovations in this category and establish ourselves as a true leader. What we’ve learned from this past year, is that people are starting to prioritize their wellbeing and skin care practices by expanding their product regimes to include intimate skin care and wellness.