Laura Geller’s love affair with beauty began at an early age, a passion that led her to become a successful make-up artist, working under the lights of Broadway and behind-the-scenes with celebrities and socialites. It was Laura’s devotion to making make-up work for real women that led her to create her own beauty brand. Since her first appearance on QVC in 1997 and throughout the 20 successful years her Upper East Side make-up studio was open, Laura has used tips & tricks to translate professional application into techniques that work for all women, every day.

Q&A with Laura

1. How did you get into beauty?
As a young girl, I was infatuated with the world of beauty. I had just graduated high school and was ready to embark on the next chapter of my life, college. A dear friend from my high school was going to beauty school for hair design and she convinced me to join her. I wound up going to beauty school, getting my license and driving further into the artistry of make-up.

2. Why do you love indie beauty?
There is so much opportunity to create cutting edge technology in the world of beauty. I love that in the landscape of the beauty industry today, people are encouraged and empowered to be able to create. The beauty industry is far more accepting and welcoming than it once was to companies of all sizes—small and large.

3. How can you help indie beauty brands?
I have walked through every path of the beauty industry, from concept to development. I can help many brands against the road blocks that I faced when starting my brand. Building my brand on my own in the beginning, I completely understand the hurdles that upcoming brands will face and need to overcome.

4. If you could give indie beauty brands one piece of advice, what would it be?

The one valuable piece of advice I would offer to an upcoming indie beauty brand is to try to align yourself with someone who has walked a similar path.

5. What is the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
Early in the development of my cosmetic range, a beauty buyer questioned me: “What is your brand identity?” It made me think what exactly that meant and with a lot of deep investigation I was able to create a cohesive brand identity and differentiate my brand from others.

6. Favorite motto or inspirational quote.

“Nothing appears as it seems.”

7. Must-read email, blog, publication?