Henry Davis, the executive who helped build Glossier into a $1 billion brand, has joined Sakara Life as CEO. Company founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, who had held co-CEO titles, will continue to build the Sakara Life community as founders and executive chairs.

The duo founded the science-backed nutrition program offering plant-rich meals and supplements to nourish the body in 2012, bootstrapped with $700 out of a 500-square-foot New York City apartment. Sakara Life was a pioneer in what has now become a booming wellness-from-the-inside-out movement.

Today, the brand encompasses plant-rich meals delivered nationwide and an array of health-boosting supplements, snacks, chocolates, teas, and accessories. Prices range from $16 for Sakara Superfood Granola to more than $595 for The Gut Health Reboot.

With his arrival, Davis said the founders can focus on “what founders do best,” including building upon the community they have established. Sakara Life is approaching 500,000 Instagram followers and connects with its audience via podcasts, email, S-Life Mag, and the founders’ own social sites.

The company has many celeb fans including Lily Aldridge, Hilary Duff, and TikTok phenom Christina Najjar, better known as TikTok Tinx. Najjar recently teamed up with Sakara for a limited-edition salad. And, the brand spans the usual demographic divide: Christie Brinkley just gave Sakara a shoutout in People magazine.

Davis is also an admirer. “I’ve been aware of Sakara since its inception, and I have been a customer for many years. It is a nine-figure business with an incredibly loyal base,” he said, adding that 85% of sales are produced by repeat purchases.

Leveraging his direct-to-consumer and digital marketing expertise, Davis plans to take Sakara Life to the next level: “I want to bring Sakara to more people. We have a mission to really help people since diet can affect everything from cystic acne to IBS to energy levels. We have some interesting opportunities ahead of us that will be quite exciting.”

There is a lot of runway for growth, he noted. “Sakara is under-leveraged and under-penetrated,” Davis told CEW. “We need to be thinking about how we can put people in the driver’s seat of their own health,” he said. “To do that, we’re going to need a world-class team.”

He’s already started assembling industry experts, including ex-Glossier General Counsel Kathryn Ordower as Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, and technology expert Brian Buchanan as Chief Technology Officer.

Last year Sakara Life extended into the premixed drink category with Metabolism Latte Cellular-Energy Boost, which was made exclusive to Erewhon. However, direct-to-consumer remains the focus for growth and the most successful vehicle for building engagement, at least for now, according to Davis.

He plans to continue to build upon on digital channels to engage and educate, while also delivering innovation to attract new consumers. “We’re going to stay authentic to what we’re about—ingredients, stories, and nutritional wellness. That’s what we do better than anyone,” added Davis. “As we talk about innovation, we listen and want to make sure we are giving everyone what they want.”

Born and raised in London, Davis is based in Sakara Life’s New York City headquarters. His career in finance as an investment banker covering emerging technology and high-growth consumer businesses took a detour when he teamed up with Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss. “I wanted to invest, but I wound up joining the brand,” he said. For more than five years, Davis, a self-proclaimed old-guard DTC executive, played an instrumental role in the launch of Glossier.

Davis also founded Arfa, a brand incubator in the personal care space that launched Hiki, an all-gender personal care brand, as well as State of Menopause. Following that, he co-founded Chord, an ecommerce data platform.

Chord is an apt name for a company created by Davis. The father of three has a passion for music and can be found in the studio in his country home “when not working or parenting.”