WSL Strategic Retail recently published one their Gotta See virtual store tours, this one reporting on the new London flagship by Italian beauty retail chain, Kiko. The retailer, which operates 600-plus units, is shaking up beauty retail, said WSL, with its lower-priced product mix in a high-end setting. Here’s why WSL warns beauty brands and retailers to beware of the new kid on the block. FYI: Kiko is set to hit the U.S. this year, to be located in New Jersey’s Garden State Plaza.


The new space, located at 262-264 Regent Street, has two floors that dazzle with sleek, modern, glossy black finishes. Displays on the ground floor showcase themed collections (e.g., Dark Heroine, Digital Emotion). The ceiling has a large LED screen which changes into different bright, bold digital imagery.


With over 1,500 affordably priced products (cosmetics, skin care, nail care, tanning, fragrance, hair color and styling serums), Kiko is a one-stop beauty shop for the mass market. Prices range from £3.50 for a lipgloss to£22.90 for skin serums.In comparison, Boots No7 High Shine Lip gloss costs £8.50.


Products line the walls for dramatic effect.Lots of samples and testers are easily accessible for customers to try, as are applicators and makeup removers. Displays also include mirrors that can be pulled toward shoppers for a closer look. On both floors are glamorous makeover stations where shoppers can have their makeup done by the store’s professional staff.

Nail polish is available in every imaginable color, plus quick dry formulas and the latest in ready-to-go nail lacquer patches. Ready-to-go lacquer patches come in solids and prints, and the display offers a step-by-step video showing customers how to apply.


A large assortment of 50+ skin care products for lips, face and body (e.g., cleansers, moisturizers, brighteners, anti-aging, weather protection, fillers, etc.) are organized by category. Everything from the selection to the packaging feels specialized and high-end.


On the brand’s UK website, shoppers are encouraged to take the Skin Trainer test to receive a customized daily regimen tailored to their needs.They can buy directly from the site. On its website and social channels, the brand uses makeup artist tutorials to teach shoppers how to “get the look” with Kiko products.


In summary, WSL reports that Kiko offers an extensive range of categories and products at affordable prices, plus an experience that doesn’t ask shoppers to compromise on service. In fact, in-store service is available any way shoppers want it – full makeovers by experts, lots of sampling and self-serve, how-to videos on how to use products. WSL added that Kiko also understands today’s shoppers’ desire for a holistic, integrated shopping experience.The store, the website and mobile devices are all integrated with similar features.


The extensive 1,500 stock keeping units can be a bit overwhelming, making it that much more important to offer guidance both online and in-store.