Building momentum off its pop-up, the Every Body Library in downtown Manhattan (held February 21-25, 2024), the esteemed clean beauty brand Saie continues to galvanize the beauty industry around the Every Body Campaign. The campaign, launched in 2022 by Laney Crowell, CEO and founder of Saie, has already raised $300,000 — with help from 60-plus beauty brands — for SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, a pivotal organization led by Black women that is dedicated to promoting reproductive justice and championing the rights of those most affected by restrictive abortion laws, particularly women of color.

Crowell expressed her deep commitment to this cause and began highlighting the urgency of action in the wake of the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade in 2022. “The repeal not only undid decades of progress but also intensified the struggles faced by countless women, particularly those in marginalized communities,” Crowell said.

More than 60 beauty brands have heeded Crowell’s rallying cry, helping to raise money for the campaign as the nation heads into elections. Among them is Briogeo, the hair care brand founded by Nancy Twine that encourages self-confidence, supports personal autonomy, and values individual choices.

Reading materials at The Every Body Library.

Briogeo recognizes that everyone has the right to choose what’s best for themselves,” said a brand spokesperson. 

Executives behind L’Oreal-owned Youth to the People are also supporting Crowell’s mission.

“The Every Body Campaign matters to Youth To The People because we care about reproductive access and bodily autonomy,” added Blessing Okorougo, the brand’s Head of Global Social Impact. 

Kory Marchisotto, CMO at elf Beauty, wrote on her LinkedIn page of the effort, “I support the mission of SisterSong: Every Body deserves the right to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family -safely and legally. Period.”

One of this year’s pivotal fundraising events for The Every Body Campaign was The Every Body Library, a curated collection of literature on reproductive justice, intersectional feminism, and notable works like Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The initiative was brought to life in collaboration with Seen Library and its founder, Jordan Risa-Santos, creating a space for community education and engagement on these critical issues. All proceeds from book sales went to SisterSong.

The pop-up library also featured a discussion led by Allie Phillips, a fervent advocate for reproductive rights, who shared her personal journey and her plans to affect change through running for office in her home state of Tennessee.

“We have been working on the campaign for over a year and wanted to have a physical space for our community to gather. As women, we are continuously asked to be smaller, to be less. Our pop-up was a stand against that,” Crowell said.

Crowell’s motivation for spearheading The Every Body Campaign stemmed not just from her response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but from her recognition of the beauty industry’s obligation to support the fundamental rights of its community.

SisterSong’s Monica Simpson

And her efforts have paid off. Monica Simpson, Executive Director of SisterSong said, “The Every Body Campaign demonstrates what is possible when beauty brands come together to support reproductive justice and women of color. The campaign previously raised more than $168,000 in support of services for birthing people, parenting needs and funding for abortion care nationally and in three key southern states: Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky. The continuation of this work is vital, and we’re thrilled to have Saie and this industry on board to help make an impact.”

Looking ahead, Saie is committed to maintaining its advocacy. “Our goal is to direct people to to register to vote and engage in the upcoming election. We will always continue to help our community fight for their rights, whether that’s for their bodies or their environment,” Crowell said. In addition to its fundraising efforts for organizations like SisterSong, The Every Body Campaign encourages various forms of activism. “It is so important that we all continue to organize and help get our personal communities to the polls on all levels. At the library we talked a lot about how everyone can create change, from voting pods to fundraising dinner parties,” she said.

To further boost its fundraising efforts, Saie is offering the 4AM Skin Every Body Bundle ($32), a limited-edition set that includes Saie’s viral Glowy Super Gel paired with 4AM Skin’s Overtime Undereye Masks. The duo is packaged in an “Every Body Green” carton inspired by the green bandanas and smoke present throughout the abortion rights demonstrations in 2022. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will support reproductive justice in partnership with SisterSong (the bundle is available on while supplies last).

Crowell noted that people in the beauty industry are in a unique position because the majority of its customers and communities are directly impacted by reproductive rights.

“It was an obvious decision to stand for our community’s basic human rights,” she said.