Spate: Sun Savvy Consumers Search Sunscreen Solutions on Google Almost 1 Million Times a Month

There’s no remedy like a stroll, nap or picnic in the sun to cure fatigue, restlessness or a pasty pallor. Thankfully, consumers are savvy enough to know to slather on SPF before they make their way outside. And they’re curious on what they should be reaching for this season—and where to shop. Spate data shows certain trends are rising, from sunscreen pills to mineral sunscreens to blue light variants. Here, the top 10 trends resulting Google searches on suncare in the last 12 months ended June 2021.

1. U.S. consumers search sunscreen products an average of 915.7K times every month.
2. The U.S. is out of lockdown and consumers are going outdoors and on vacation once again — with 23.4 percent growth in searches for sunscreen products this year.
3. Mineral sunscreens are having a particularly good year with 44.1K searches every month, and 35.3 percent growth in searches since last year.
4. Searches for sunscreen pills have grown 107.7 percent since last year.
5. Top sunscreen retailers by search volume are Walmart, Ulta Beauty, and Sephora (in that order).
6. U.S. consumers are particularly concerned about sunscreen causing breakouts. Searches for acne alongside sunscreen have increased by +65.5 percent since last year.
7. Although still low in volume, consumer searches for blue light-related concerns alongside sunscreen are up 84.6 percent since last year.
8. Sun aftercare is on the rise in the U.S., with 50.9K average searches each month and 7.6 growth.
9. The most popular ingredients searched alongside sun aftercare (by search volume) in the U.S. are aloe and witch hazel.
10. Tinted formats are a top driver of search interest in the sunscreen products category, with an average of 82.7K searches every month (88.6 percent growth since last year).

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