MOSS Studio + Magazine recently sat down with Moroccanoil’s Global Head of Marketing, Marina Kirschner, and Senior Director of Design, Adina Greenhause, to talk about all things post-pandemic creative. In the interview, the creative duo described the brand’s vision for their upcoming campaigns with one word: hope. The brand’s new campaigns look to inspire everyone to get back out in the world, transporting people to a place of serenity surrounded by the sea. 

Moroccanoil’s first-ever—and highly requested—fragrance Brumes du Maroc Hair and Body Mist recently launched supported by two videos that embody the feeling of an island oasis escape. Both the product video and application video succeeded at something Moroccanoil is known best for, creating a feeling that’s true to the brand.

The Moroccanoil feeling is similar to the first time someone touches warm sand, smells salt air, hears waves softly in the distance, and take a first deep breath in a long time. It’s the feeling of escape. While watching the new videos, one finds himself surrounded by the sea.

The product video looks to wrap someone in waves with crystal clear water visuals and the gorgeous deep blue silk that twists itself around the product. Tranquil music calms the senses as if one is stepping into a spa. This music grows as the video progresses into an anthem that inspires viewers to stand up and chase this feeling. Chase the escape.

The video ends with the product floating underwater with strands of blue fabric swirling around the bottle. This visual beautifully conveys the soul of the product because this fragrance will surround the viewer. The imagery evokes the idea that as one spritzes the fragrance on skin and in hair, she will float through the sea; the sea that’s been calling all year.

The second video in Moroccanoil’s recent marketing and creative release shows the fragrance application. The video evokes true tranquility from the calming white bathroom to the sprigs of lavender thoughtfully placed in a vase to the model’s spa-like robe. Whether at home getting ready for the day, in the office, or on the subway, the fragrance mist transports the viewer to a relaxing spa by the sea.

Watching the fragrance application not only demonstrates the versatility of the product but also stimulates the senses. It’s as if Moroccanoil’s iconic signature scent, a blend of spicy amber and sweet floral notes, floats through the screen. The close-up shots of the fragrance application make one feel as if they’re standing in the crisp white bathroom applying the fragrance; a total immersion in this new signature scent.

As things begin to return to a new normal, Moroccanoil takes its audience back outside. Their mission of a hope-filled campaign is fully present in the fragrance mist videos. The serenity found in these videos is something that has been difficult to find for the past two years. But Moroccanoil transports the viewer to a peaceful place that allows her to take that first deep breath. Whether at home, work, or on the first vacation in a while, the Moroccanoil fragrance mist campaign provides the escape everyone needs.